Hyper Jump

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 22 - 2010

Hyper Jump is similar to  “Abduction” or “Doodle Jump”, it’s not nearly as extensive but has other strengths which you’ll see when you read the rest of this article.

First I have to say that Hyper Jump is not finished yet, because as you’ll see in the video in the options you can’t select other characters and more levels, but currently there is only a “coming soon” message, so we have to wait a little longer here to experience long-term motivation.

In principle it is like the games above, but there is currently only one level and one character to jump as high as possible while you collect points. For this one you collect the gold coins which you can use as a platform, then jump up, but only once, because then your springboard disappears. So you should think ahead a bit and look for the next springboard. The red coins also act similarly.

Collect various bonuses to jump up faster, like a green star for a quick upward throw, bubbles can lift up your character, a spring acts like adrenaline and makes all a bit slow and simplified, an “S” of superman catapults you as swift as an arrow up, bat wings and many more, some of them you can discover in the video.

The Highscore is already filled in these early stages of this game with tough players, but that shouldn’t stop you to using them to measure.

There is no multiplayer or different characters or levels, hence Hyper Jump unfortunally is currently only a short time killer. The fact that there will be updates and that it is a really good game justify the price though, but currently with only one level and no character selection it’s a little too expensive.

You can download Hyper Jump for $ 1.99 in the Market

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