Impossible Level Game + lite walkthrough

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 21 - 2010

Impossible Level game is the newest title published by Hyperbees and it seriously tries to annoy the heck out of you, by challenging you with a series of good, but sometimes frustrating riddles.
There are two versions available, a lite version with 14 Levels and a paid version with 30 Levels for 0,99 UK£. since these are riddles we cannot provide a real review, but we can help you beat the lite version. We won’t help you with the full game, but since the lite version is just a promo for the full game, we’d love to help you beat it , so you can advance to the full version.
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Level 1: Press the button on the bottom.

Level 2: Press the big circle

Level 3: Press outside the big circle

Level 4: Just wait a few secconds

Level 5: Press on the blue buttons to make them disappear, there’s a green button below them on the upper left, press it to advance

Level 6: You can move around a spotlight, there are severeal hints hidden here, the password is written nearly invisible besides the penguins peak, click into the input window below and enter the Password: Darkness
Afterward press the ok button

Level 7: Press on the WIN Button, then press on the arrow to go back, press again on the win button and go back again, do it 5 times to advance

Level 8: You can puzzle the notes together, which will tell you something about the buttons, to advance, press the blue button

Level 9: Press the numbered buttons from low to high as soon as the numbers have disappeared, you need to be fast

Level 10: Enter another word for Noob with your Scrabble Letters: A-M-A-T-E-U-R

Level 11: Follow the line and press the button at the end, if you land here again or just want a shortcut, just scroll down

Level 12: Select the colors of the Rainbow in descending order:
Light Blue
Dark Blue

Level 13: Press the button 18 times, then press the arrow

Level 14: Press on the 4 in Level 14

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    level 17 is a mystery…. xD