Every week I get dozens of review requests from all kinds of developers and often I don’t find the time to write about them.
So today I’m trying something new and will just do a roundup on great indie titles, that would fall through the cracks otherwise.

Beans Quest

First up is Beans Quest. This adorable 2D Jumping game (your bean jumps automatically and you navigate it through the levels) will hook you with its pixelated look and nice, hard gameplay. This game is really good and has grown from 1 to 5 worlds since the original release on iOS. A nice 16-bit mexican style soundtrack, combined with excellent level design round up this game and make it my hidden gem for the month.

Juice ‘em up

A nice new time management/match 3 game with 2 minigames and nice artwork. Build up a juice empire, mix drinks and deliver your goods. The game is free and finances itself with in-app purchases for things like a time machine, but you can also buy them with in-game money. Sadly it also finances itself with notification ads, so if you have a problem with these kinds of ads like I do, you’ve been warned.

Thor The Hedgehog

A puzzle game where you add ballons to treasures and then you flick a hedgehog against it to steer it to the exit, or you fire a needle to pop the ballons. It’s a unique gameplay mix, so check it out for yourself, it has a 5 level demo and is on easter sale at the moment.

  • Ahsnewdeer@aol.com

    Thor the Hedgehog is addictive! The full game has about 100 levels !!!

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  • Olivia Gonzalez

    Lol. I just downloaded this game and i have a great fun with it. I have also try an animal game named “Animal Dungeon”. It is really a cool game and also available on Google Play.