Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 9 - 2010

Since the appstore gold rush there have been many different jumping endurance games. In J.Rabbit you jump with a cute little white bunny on clouds to reach the moon. If you ever wondered, why a rabbit would want to go to the moon, or why there are so many references to it (Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball etc.), it’s an asian myth.

There are 5 Levels and an endless mode, which you’ll unlock step by step. In the beginning, the clouds just move left and right in different speed, then up and down and then both at once. You jump by releasing a tap, based on how close to the middle you land on the cloud, you get points, 100,200 and 500 for a perfect landing. Since you cannot control the bunny in any way other than let it jump, so you have to time your jumps perfectly to reach the next cloud.

I really dig the art style, the soft colors and smooth animation of the rabbit save the otherwise bare graphics from looking dull. Sadly, the game stretches across the screen in Landscape mode, which makes the game look terrible, so just ignore it. There’s a flash game out there with a different gameplay, but the same bunny graphics and winter setting, if you’d like to take a look.

The game has a nice, but really slow melody that will put you to sleep if left on for too long. The options in the main menu allow you to put out the music and the sound effects separately, just as we like it, but it is not available in game, the menu button is just blocked. If the music is left on and you multitask, it will play in the background, so the game is not paused right.

The Highscore is not updated automatically, you have to save it manually after a round, but at least you can write your full name. These few minor complaints left aside, it’s a nice little free game (ad-supported, but they don’t get in the way), that plays a little different from the other climbers on the plattform, which all use handset orientation for controls. Look forward to hear more about them next week, until then, have a nice weekend and fun reaching for the moon.

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