Kick it out! Football Manager

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On January - 20 - 2011

Kick it out! is already available for quite some time on the Android market, but I still can’t stop playing it, because I like this Football Manager, it is the only one out of the few available managers that delivers possibilities to upgrade your team, position it and do all that in a design that has a clear interface which looks good. It’s a game for short breaks and for longer ones, I can just start it, check my settings, look through transfers, play a tourney, a friendly game or a complete league.

Kick it out is free, but as an ambitious manager you need tourneys and leagues, which sadly cost money, but these also have rookie players and bonus payments besides the new leagues and tourneys. The pricing for the extensions is pretty fair and won’t bankrupt anyone, just search the market for Kick it out and see for yourself before you start playing and the game draws you in, because when you start playing and get hooked, you will want them to get better. I bought them all just to support the developer Ludetis, because I think they earned every penny. Every game costs something, usually they cost a lot more. Here you get the main game for free, more fun is available at a fair price and the added playtime of the updates are huge.

Let’s get to the game itself.The most important thing is done, when you have created your team and start your career as a manager. As multiplayer options you can choose to play training matches against the A.I. or against other players, or play a tourney or a league. Every sunday at 20:00 (GMT+1) the Great Universe Cup starts with 64 Teams, you qualify by playing small qualification tourneys. Every monday a new league season starts, which runs for 30 days. In the 15 minute timespan before a league game you can’t play any more tourneys, only friendly matches until 4 minutes before the main game. But let’s focus on the friendly matches that are available to anyone. There are always computer opponents and nowadays there are also a considerable amount of human players waiting for opponents, you can also host a game yourself and just wait for someone to take yur challenge.

Through these matches you get revenue, the height of your revenue depends on your viewer count, the size of your stadium as well as the player costs. You can extend your stadium to bring it up to a maximum of 80.000 viewers. You can also make more money by buying Sausage – and Beerstands.

Player wise there is nothing that isn’t evenly balanced. Your players get their salary per game, stronger players ask for more money. You see how much when you look at the player or your line-up, there you also see which one is his strong foot. You can also view the played games,the goals and the age of the players in the player menu.

If you want to train players you can, but it won’t always succeed, you can raise the chances through a small minigame, where you have to touch a ball that jumps around with increasing speed. But you can only train players with a plus sign behind their strength value. All other players are already at their limit. Your players also level from games, with some luck you see the message that your player leveled up after the game besides the shots on the goal and the viewer numbers.

If you don’t need a player any more, you can put him on the transfer list and sell him to your opponents, you can make a lot of money this way, you can set the price yourself and nearly all the time there is a buyer. On the scouting list there are always new rookies from human players, which you can place a bet on, these are binding and run for 24 hours before they expire. Until then the seller must have accepted or declined or the offer no longer stands.

When you have found your optimal roster you can start a game. FYI through the expansions you get more possibilities, you don’t have to play 4-4-2 all the time.

Kick it out is a great football manager and with this late review I thank the developers for the many hours of fun I had with it until now.

The game is available for free in the market, you can find the extensions in the submenu as well as directly in the market. If you input a code from another active user you and the other player get a huge bonus check at the start of the game.

Here’s my code: 6BZA3V My Teamname is “ScorpAeon“, maybe we’ll play against each other in the future.

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  • Web

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  • Marktgthompson

    how do you start a new game ive tryeed to uninstall it and try again but it  just comes up withmy old account help me please

  • Tomaszkaczarczyk90

     webg3v    2 000 000!!!