Learn to Fly

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 13 - 2010

Namco brings us a bad port of the popular Flash game Learn to Fly with new graphics, but since the original Flash game is great and for the time it’s an Android exclusive, we’ll take a look and a look was all that it needed to play through the whole game.

In Learn to Fly you play a penguin, that is pissed about an article that tells him, he cannot fly. He builds a ramp and learns it to prove the world wrong. The Flash game doesn’t work on Touchscreen devices, because you cannot steer, so Namco “kindly” redid the free Flash game and charges 4,99$ for a lousy port, with a less intriguing intro and outro, that cannot even play SFX and Music at the same time.

The game itself is actually kinda nice, I played the flash game prior to downloading the Android version and the game is really a great time waster for approx. half an hour, then you’re through. You start by sliding down a ramp and then you fly for a short while and then you fall into the ocean. You get money for your flight and before each attempt you can pimp your ramp as well as buy 3 different gliders and rockets. With a glider you can sail way longer through the air and the rocket gives you a speed boost, that you can throttle as much as you have gas, which you can also buy to enlarge your tank.

There are several achievements per level, that you have to beat to advance, they also have a nice cash bonus attached. The goal of the game is to fly 6000 feet, then the outro plays. After that you can play it as often as you want for new max distances, but there’s no point, because the game lacks highscore tables, let alone online ranking.

I thought they would improve on the formula and add more extras to the Android version with the premium price, but honestly they took more away from the game, than they added in. There is not a single new item, all you get for your money are new graphics, but they aren’t worth it. You have to choose between sound and SFX and if you choose sound, you will hate the new short loop that plays over and over as a flight melody. So you’ll choose SFX and loose the nice original intro sound. The biggest thing they took away is the funny intro and outro, the game has it’s own version without the charm, that was present in the original.
If you have half an hour to kill, i can recommend a quick 24h trial, you can beat the game fast and then return it, the gameplay is still intact, so it is fun to play, but I really would prefer the Flash version on my Android, if they just would implement touch controls there, it would be way better.
If you don’t have a Android phone yet or don’t want to use the trial and want to see the difference between the Flash and the Android version, we’ve shot a complete play through for your convenience.

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