Lock ‘n Roll

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On August - 14 - 2010

I have to admit honestly that I never played this game before and initially I didn’t understand anything, but after about half an hour of trial and error, I understood the gameplay. It’s very difficult to get away from it, because the addiction factor is significant and I think in order to get away from the game in the next days, I have to take a therapy or join a self help group.

First of all I will look at the menu where you can see seven points, it’s well structured an lovely designed. This menu is accessed through your menu button on the phone, here I could also go through the tutorial to understand everything, but I’m someone who starts his TV or mobile phone and practises learning-by-doing. I never read the manual. The points names “credits”, “site” and two of the three tutorials developers can leave, then the menu would just as succinct as in other games. But I prefer this type of menu because of the large number of tutorials. I have to pay respect to the developers for it, because this variety of tuts is rare to see and not naturally!

Your board consists of sixteen boxes where you need to place your dice that are numbered one to four. In order to score you need the numbers one to four or a single number in a row of four in one colour, such as red, in a series, this is when the dice are released and you earn extra points. Similarly this sequence of numbers can be placed anywhere in the boxes. You can also score by placing multi coloured combinations and pairs for less score, but beware as with every roll your previous dice are locked and cant be moved until released by a combo!

You really need to use your brain and think ahead. If you have no possibility to release the stones then you have up to two jokers which you can place anywhere on the field. The joker unlocks all numbers and colours in the box its placed and helps release all possible connected dice combinations. You only earn a joker by reaching high scores starting with the first 250 points.

Lock ‘n Roll can even be much recommended in the Lite version and will be a guaranteed long-runner on your smartphone.

In the Market you can get the full version for $ 1.99 which seems a bit too expensive to me but is still acceptable. Please do test the Lite version before purchasing though.

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