Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 13 - 2010

LoveCatch is a cute little puzzle game, filled with minigames and lots of love. ♥

According to the developer HyperDevbox it was the first game to fully utilize the Android NDK, which results in increased performance and by that smoother gameplay on all android devices.
You play a little love angel, that wants to unite two lovers by shooting floating hearts… I know it sounds cheesy, but bear with me, it really is a great game.

At the beginning of the game you are greeted with a lengthy tutorial, that you really should read to understand, what’s going on. There are colored hearts with a number written on them floating around, if you draw the number on the screen, the angel will shoot the heart. After it pops you have a short time frame where you can combo the next heart in the same color for bonus points.

Sometimes a popped heart leaves coins, which you can tap to collect. When you reach 50 a slot machine starts in the background that racks up your points too. There are also presents left behind, that could start a mini game when opened. You either get the wheel of fortune, where a wheel spins in the background to determine, if you get auto fire support which gives a huge score boost or loose a lot of hearts because of a blowing storm that cools down your love meter. Or you could win a prize for your lover in a mini game where you quickly have to do simple calculations. And sometimes a little devil pops out, that’ll pop your hearts if you’re too slow.

On the left side you have the Love meter, when it is full you advance to the next level, when it get’s empty the game is over. After a while new elements are introduced, like hearts with a question mark, that you have to tap first to see the number, or hearts that change color with each tap, other hearts change color every few seconds until you tap to lock them to one. When you loose too many hearts, the game is over, but you can start again on any level you have already beaten.

After each level you get a mini game, where you have to match rotating hearts to the color in the middle. Or you have to play Pachinko, where the little devil drops hearts on the top and you have to catch them with a basket case on the ground.

There’s a global leaderboard, where you can compare your score with a little picture of your gender and a national flag, which you can change in the options. There you can also activate the sound and the effects separately, choose simpler graphics, or if the Splash screen and the tutorial should come at start and on which level you’d like to begin. Sadly, you can’t reach it in game, the menu button is blocked.

There’s a gimmicky 2 Player Partner Check Multiplayer, where you play for a minute and then your partner plays, afterwards you get a love meter that tells you how good you match.

In my original review I criticized the game for not having a resume function. That was actually not true, I just missed it. Thanks to developer feedback, this part of the review has changed.

Playing LoveCatch for High score can take a long time, you can pause the game by double clicking on the angel, but as soon as you press home the game closes, but you have the option to continue from the Title screen. It is hidden underneath the Game Start and the Love Meter, where a new continue option appears, that’s why I missed it in my original review. If someone is calling you while you’re playing, the game will reset, even if you dismiss the call. You can still continue from the beginning of the level. Having a continue option is way better then nothing, but a simple pause for multitasking and call interruption would be way better. I still have high hopes that it gets implemented in games from HyperDevbox, because they do everything else right.

For example the game is really small on the market, you download additional files to your SD card after the first start of the game (they say it’s 22 MB but in the actual version the brought it down to 12 MB).

All in all, LoveCatch is a wonderful puzzler, that performs well across the whole platform (even on G1 and Magic) and it is definitely one of the best puzzle games on the market at the moment. The handwriting recognition of numbers is done really well, when you do it like it was shown in the tutorial ( I have some small problems with drawing 8’s, because I usually draw them at another starting point and do this often by reflex, but that’s my problem) and make the game stand out from the usual matching games. It is available for 350 Yen in the market, which will cost you 2,77€ (April 2010). Here is a video from the developer to show you the game in motion on a G1:

Android Market Link

  • Wingnut89

    Finde das Spiel ganz gut aber mir es einfach ein wenig zu schnulzig, da gefällt mir exzeus um einiges besser^^

  • Dan_Mousavi

    Ich hab zuerst auch nichts davon erwartet, aber es ist echt verdammt gut geworden. Ich kann nur empfehlen, es wenigstens mal auszuprobieren, vielleicht überrascht es dich.

  • Wingnut89

    Ja habe es ja ausprobiert, wie gesagt ist mir zu kitschig aber die Entwickler machen hoffentlich weiter und bringen noch mehr raus denn grafisch ist es echt top.

  • carlo


    Nice website :)

    Are you sure that you do not see a continue displayed on the title screen the next time you will restart LoveCatch when you quit ? We have implemented a continue option so if it does not work, can you please report the trouble directly to us (using the email we put here) with the necessary steps to reproduce so we can fix this issue ? ExZeus also has autosave feature and should display a continue next time you will restart the game :)

  • Dan_Mousavi

    Hi and thanks for your feedback!
    I'm very sorry, I missed the new point in the menue, because it was below the Game Start and the Love Test, where it's usually the first point in other games.
    I'll edit the review immediately and will rebuy ExZeus for a future review.

  • Dan_Mousavi

    Hi and thanks for your feedback!
    I'm very sorry, I missed the new point in the menue, because it was below the Game Start and the Love Test, where it's usually the first point in other games.
    I'll edit the review immediately and will rebuy ExZeus for a future review.