Mad Maks Lite

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 21 - 2010

Mad Maks Lite is further proof for the 3D capabilities of your Android, at least if you can call a powerful device your own. On my HTC Desire it runs smoothly. The game asks for hefty permissions,which is always a risk for applications, even if they come from the market, but since this is a free game demo I did not have too many concerns about it. However, it sucks hefty 27 MB of your memory, so it is probably intended more for those who have rooted their mobile phone and run APPS2SD on their device. Yet for me it’s still hefty because it devours 15 MB of internal space, so I’ll delete it after this review, I’ll only take a look for our readers.

If this “problem” is none for you, then you will find a small tank in a child’s design, which you control through a region with many enemies and bosses. Up on the screen you have a radar, where you see the current positions of your opponents. Left below you see the trackpad, in the middle of your screen the opportunity to slide to the right and left, the bar shows you the available energy for this because you can not slide continuously, to the right is a ” Fire! ” button to shoot. At the left on top there’s a pause button under your energy display, next to it is the score and right of the screen you can switch the weapon and see the radar.

Graphically and design wise I like this game very well, it has massive potential, but it’s still in its infancy. Certainly there will be updates, maybe it’s my bad that you can not drive a tank and shoot at the same time, but all the other buttons do also not work if you use the directional pad. This is somewhat cumbersome and doesn’t make life easy for a shot change.

I’ve found just one drawback in the main menu, because there is no exit button, I can not leave the game. With the arrow key on the phone it doesn’t exit the game, only the home button lets you leave the game. But Mad Maks is then still running in the background and sucked battery in my test.

Mad Maks lite unforunately doesn’t use the screen of the HTC Desire completely, the width is too small, but this doesn’t bother me really.

Enough of the bad words, let’s talk about the better things, because in itself Mad Maks is a lovingly crafted and extensive game. You can choose between Easy, Medium and Hard as the degree of difficulty, also you get new military equipment freely over the course of the level in the Lite version, but I could only play the tutorial and the first mission, so I only have experience with Maks, the small tank. Aircraft, helicopters and co. I therefore can not consider in my evaluation.

You can change weapons and there are explosion effects, you can see the current energy level of your opponent, but if the developers should read this article, please, please enable multi-touch!

One last shortcoming I have to report as well, because as soon as you press pause and the screen inactivity starts and the screen goes off, as soon as you make it active again, the game is finished and you have to reboot. You see there are many bugs which destroy this funny and graphically well game.

Conclusion: Mad Maks Lite has potential and would certainly be a huge fun, but besides multiplayer, no multi-touch, non existing exit button and the huge bug which I described at last i have to say it’s not really recommendable at the moment. Dear developers, please improve the game, then there will be new feedback for your game at

Mad Maks Lite is available for free in the Market, you can upgrade to full in the game itself, but to my knowledge there’s currently no version available.

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