Mass Effect Infiltrator now available for Android

Posted by Dan Mousavi On May - 23 - 2012

A while ago EA released Mass Effect 3 for PC and consoles and completed the epic RPG space saga.
They also hired Iron Monkey studios, the team behind the great Dead Space mobile version, to deliver this top notch spin-off for mobile devices.
In Mass Effect Infiltrator you play a rogue cerberus agent that fights through a secret facility. Besides the fact that you get a awesome 3D game for your mobile device, the game also links with your Mass Effect 3 data and you can boost your galactic readiness (a very important value, that influences which ending you get) by playing it. With the mobile game it is way easier to boost your rating to get a different ending (there are 16 in total), otherwise you’ll have to play a lot of multiplayer.

If you don’t play Mass Effect, this game should still be worth it if you enjoyed Dead Space. It is one of the best looking games at the moment and it runs on a huge variety of devices. Maybe the high production value even pulls you into the Mass Effect universe. That is the best thing a mobile game spin-off could hope for and with a quality game like this, it’s very possible. This little smartphone game could pull you into one of the best space sagas, that the video game world has seen yet.

The game is available in the Play store for ~6,50‚ā¨
Europe/ U.S.