Minecraft Pocket Edition: Version 0.2.0 now available

Posted by Dan Mousavi On February - 11 - 2012

As of now the huge Android-Gamer-Community can rejoice in the new update of Minecraft – Pocket Edition. Here we summed up all the new features of version 0.2.0 of the mobile version of Minecraft:

blocks leave items after destroying: When destroying a block, it leaves a small copy of it in the world, which can be collected

limited quantity of blocks: many blocks are only capable of being placed after collecting them befire

tools: You can choose tools in Your inventory having different speeds of destroying blocks: shovel destroys sand and dirt faster, pickaxe stones and ores etc. Currently tools last forever

edited inventory: The inventory now lists tools and counters number of collected blocks.

new blocks: new placeable blocks like stairs, fences and doors were added

two gamemodes: In creative mode You can place infinite amounts of blocks, destroy blocks faster and fly through the world with double-tapping the jump-button. In survival mode there are health points: Falling of cliffs and being attacked will reduce them.

sheeps: There are free running sheeps now, eating grass from grass blocks sometimes

zombies: in the – new added – night You will find zombies in survival mode attacking You. In day they willdie slowly


The Pocket Edition is still nowhere near being ready, but it becomes more and more similar to alpha version of minecraft of mid 2010. We are looking forward to further updates with crafting and more mobs and animals.

Source: Droid Geek