My Paper Plane 2

Posted by Dan Mousavi On August - 5 - 2010

The Android exclusive developer Wavecade brings us a nice little flight game, with a steep highscore challenge. In My Paper Plane 2 you fly through one of four courses and try to catch as many stars in a row as possible for big combos, to boost your score. The game starts out pretty slow, you sail along through the sky and fly through rings to get to the stars that are usually located behind them, but soon the plane picks up pace and you have to dodge trees, houses and bridges very fast.

Soon you encounter specials, like a boost that makes you invincible, a rocket you have to fire on targets or my personal favorite, the orbital flight, where your plane get’s propelled into space and comes crashing down, while you collect a series of stars in rapid succession. The game controls great and looks decent, but there are some problems with the difficulty.

This game is targeted at the casual gamer, but the difficulty in the game is nailbiting hard. Until you unlock the last course, most people who bought the game will be frustrated with it, because the requirements to unlock all levels (you have to unlock all hard levels) are pretty high. The first level was patched and is now way too easy, but as soon as the second level you will break a sweat to get silver on normal. Points only rack up if you can hold the combo and that is easier said then done. And when you do it and master the game, there is no global highscore list, this is another game that would benefit greatly if it would have some Scoreloop/OpenFeint integration.

But all in all the game is really fun, when you can hold a combo and pull of some fast turning, it can be really satisfying. Sometimes the collision isn’t prefect (at least it looks like the plane is stuck in the air), but overall I haven’t encountered any bugs.

I can really recommend a look at the lite version, if you like it and are up for a challenge, the full version with 4 courses is available for 3,99$.

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