Nano Panda Review & Free Version Walkthrough

Posted by Dan Mousavi On May - 24 - 2011

Nano Panda is the first single screen 3 stars puzzle game on Android that I absolutely love. Your goal is to shoot magnetic pandas that attract each other out of barrels and destroy all monsters on the screen, while you try to collect the three stars that are placed on the screen. While it is relatively easy to just finish a level, getting all three stars on all levels is a real heavy mindbender, that could take as much time from you as Angry Birds did. If you are looking for a game that has the same satisfying feeling as Cut the Rope when you master a puzzle, look no further. The new developer Unit9 has you covered

The game starts out with simple logical puzzles, but soon you have to precisely time your shots. After the 16 relatively easy levels in the lite version you will get more puzzle elements that completely change the game in later level packs, like magnetic spools that you can activate per touch, or a button that stops pandas from attracting each other. There will be even more level packs, so I hope that a lot more people get hooked like me and buy the full version, because the gameplay leaves a lot of room for hundreds of more well thought out levels, the gameplay just needs to become successful.

I understand why popular iPhone review sites like Toucharcade don’t see something as special in it as I do, they have already played Cut the Rope to death, another single screen three star game with well thought out puzzles, but since I didn’t play that one for hours already (because it is still in beta on Android), I get my genre fix from this title and I am missing nothing. I don’t know, maybe I just love the magnet puzzle element of it, or the strange molecular-like shapes that you create with your magnetic pandas, but even after playing the same levels multiple times after I beat them already perfectly (which I had to do to shoot the 3 star video walkthrough), I still enjoy the gameplay more than most other puzzle games.

Here is the 3 star Walkthrough for the first levelpack, that everyone can enjoy in the free version, if enough people yell in the comments, I’ll try to do more:

There are a few things, that will hopefully be adressed in a future update, like the Openfeint achievements that constantly pop up when you unlock them once, or sometimes the buttons just don’t react. A little bit more optimization would be great, because the game certainly can handle the action, only the menu buttons and the restart button lag. The game also crashed when I deactivated the sound for the first time, but now I can activate/deactivate it without any problems.

Nano Panda is guilty in mislabeling their demo version as a free version, which only gives you the first levelpack.
The full version is available for 0,67‚ā¨

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