Iphone developers are in an uproar, because with Apple’s new OS 4 a small bomb is dropping on them.

They are now forced to use Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript to develop their software, which essentially is a death sentence on the Iphone for Flash and Unity developers.
These guys are looking for a new plattform home and we Android users will welcome them with open arms.
Unity already anounced Android support back in March with Unity 3.0, so we can look forward to a bunch of great 3D games after it’s release sometimes this summer.
The first developer already came out and openly asked opinions, so give him some feedback, will ya?
Here’s a trailer from the game to motivate you:

Flash developers are also shocked to find out that even with the workaround to compile their code, they are no longer able to get published and with Adobe teasing Flash on Android over and over, they sure will come too.
In the next weeks, we will take an in-depth look at different cross-plattform technologies like Flash, Unity and Jmonkey to tell you what you can expect from them on Android, so stay tuned.

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