Over 120 Free Games for September & October 2011 (part 1)

Posted by Dan Mousavi On October - 17 - 2011

In the last 2 months there were so many free games, that I didn’t get around to write the free games list with images and links, which is why I am now overwhelmed by the mass amount of free games that hit the Android Market. I have actually collected over 130 Games for this list, but some are still untested and could drop out (like Blob Blast and Bike Mania in this list). There will be 5 parts this time, so check back regularly.
The games are alphabetically sorted, here are the games from A-B.^^

3D Flick Field Goal
a football kick flick game for free

A Space Shooter For Free
The title already says it all

Abula Tower Defense
A free tower defense game

Air Hockey Star!
A free Air Hockey game with Openfeint

A breakout clone with photo backgrounds

Backgammon Deluxe
A nice Backgammon game with different skins

Bad Girls
A Whack’em clone where you spank asses

Balloon Gunner 3D
A 3D steampunk Zeppelin shooter

Base Defense
A Tower Defense game

a RTS (Real Time Strategy) with an upgrade system

Berry Boom!
A puzzle game where you shoot the seeds of one berry to eliminate others with the same color

Build your Beyblade (a configurable spintop) and battle with it

Shoot beer in the mouths of thirsty bavarians

Block Puzzle 2
A puzzle game, that is a combination of Tetris and Tangram

Bloody Bunnies
A cute online multiplayer game for 6 players & 2 players on a single android tablet

50 illustrated logic puzzles

Brick Breaker
Select two or more connected bricks with same color to score

Bubble Break
Clear the bubbles by popping connected bubbles of the same color to earn points

Bubble Maniac
A cute Puzzle Bobble clone

Bubble Pop Infinite
The challenge mode of Bubble Pop Plus!

Bubble Pop Plus!
A Puzzle Bobble clone

Buddy Rush
A cross-plattform social RPG

Bugs Circle
Circle the same colored bugs to merge them

Bunny Shooter
Touch the bow, and shoot some arrows on those pink rabbits

Bike Mania
Great game that I missed in the paid list, because it has a mislabeled free version

Blob Blast
It’s a cute puzzle game, but wants rights to send paid SMS, in the german market someone complained about hidden paid SMS, but I couldn’t reproduce it. Use at your own risk, which is why there is no link:

Part 2: C-D