Paper toss vs. Toss it: Preview

Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 8 - 2010

With Paper Toss the original “throw a crumbled paper in the trash” physics game made it’s debut on Android this week. Since with Toss it there already is a very succesfull app like this on the market we compared them for you, because we think you should know about these very good free (ad-supported) casual games.

Paper Toss:

Paper Toss was one of the big free to play Iphone casual hits last year and it’s no surprise why. It is based on the old trashcan Basketball game where you try to throw your trash in the can and slowly increase the difference to see who’s the better shot. The game is set in an office environment, complete with colleagues bickering sometimes if you miss a shot. The difficulty comes in form of a fan, which blows either from left or right and with different Power to bring your throw out of it’s projected flypath. You see the wind power and direction before your flick your shot in form of an Arrow and numbers, where 0-1 means you have to slightly counter it and 5 means just aim nearly in a 70-80 degree angle of the screen to hit.

The sounds are well done (even with a commercial for another Backflip Iphone game, that we want too thrown in, *grrr*), you can clearly hear the difference if you hit the rim or shoot swoosh. The background noise get’s a little annoying after a while, that’s why it’s sad, that I can’t just deactivate the different noises of the levels and keep the sound effects.
The graphics are scaled up to fit the high res screens and are one of the biggest disadvantages Paper Toss has in this comparison. The Paperball is also barely animated, but overall, the graphics are still acceptable for a free game.

There are 6 Levels, easy, medium and hard are inside a bureau, and basement, airport and restroom are variations of it. One of the advantages it has, are the neatly placed on screen buttons for High score and the return to main Manu button, but that’s no excuse why I can’t close the app with the return key in the main menu. At least multitasking works without a problem, after the firm logo strangely appears, your current game will be continued.

Since these games are only fun, if you play them against someone, there is a highscore battle integrated, where you supposedly can create your own Leaderboards online, I tried to create one for Androidpimps and it didn’t work. Also your scores aren’t automatically submitted, you have to press the submit button inside the level, there’s no way to do it on the highscore table. I was a little dissappointed with the online features to be honest, you just get a local ranking, which of course is empty. Scoreloop integration really was, what this game needed, so I hope Paper Toss will use it too in the future to catch up.

Android Market Link

Toss it: Preview

In a nutshell, Toss it just took everything from Paper Toss, redid it with higher res graphics and included Scoreloop integration. We would cry foul if it wasn’t so damn good. Usually with these kinds of games, the original wins heaps and bounds over clones, but boolba labs really tried hard and succeeded at least partly in beating the original.
The biggest drawback from Toss it is that it isn’t really free, the full version will cost you 1,99$, which is too expensive for a casual game with this little content.
That is why we compare the free preview Version that only has two levels, but all features.

The first thing you’ll notice is how much clearer the graphics are. The ball has at least 3 times more frames, the fan is animated and the background is sharp and detailed.

The sound is a matter of taste, you just hear the fan humming and people clapping and oooing, when you hit a new highscore or miss. I find it less annoying.
You can play for as long as you like on the first two levels, on the other two preview Levels you get kicked out after a few throws.

But the real killer feature of Toss it is it’s Scoreloop integration. Scoreloop is a mobile cross-plattform social gaming network that supports all kinds of multiplayer activities and is in my opinion the perfect choice for casual multiplayer. In Toss it you can bet coins on challenges, you say how much you want to bet and then play a round, someone else can then take your challenge and the winner get’s the coins minus a small fee. Its really fun to take on challenges, because you never know what to expect. Sometimes there are big challenges with lousy perfomances and sometimes you play as good as it get’s and still get beaten heavily in a 1 coin challenge. There are also global highscores with a show me button for each level.

Android Market Link

So, which one is the right one for you? That depends what kind of person you are, if you want to just try a free game, get Paper Toss, it has more levels and no hidden costs, just the ads that won’t get in your way. If you are a more hardcore gamer, check out Toss it for it’s Scoreloop integration, you’ll get 5 coins to try it. But be aware that you have to buy coins to continue betting, should you loose them all. And if you want the other two levels, you have to pay 1,99$ for the full version.