“Peggy”-Free Fun

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 11 - 2010

Here is a great game tipp: “Peggy”

In this game you have to turn off all lights with a ball.

In the game mode Easy you’ve got 15 balls, medium has 12 balls and hard 10 Balls to obscure all lights. In total there are 20 levels, which follow each other in a row, if you are on fire and have a lot of luck. Anyone who had fun with the similar game for the PC named “Peggle“, will also have it with this game for android, but beware: highly addictive!

The gameplay is really simple and easy to understand, some users complain about it on the Market because of the shortness of the game, there are currently only 20 levels available. Look at it as a kind of demo.

Unfortunately, there are three things which I feel to be negative.
First, it’s the advertising which makes the menu look like it was designed by an amateur, but that’s nothing to really complain about, the game is free and so it is OK, but it would have been nice if the advertising would be more incorporated into the design, then the menu would look more attractive.

The other thing is the buttons are extremely small, I’ve mistyped occasionally and had to focus to catch the correct button.

The last mistake of developement: you start with Level 1, you play up to level 5 and fail. Now we will make the attempt again and master the levels, but then it goes on with Level 5 but the score is back to 0.
To return to start at the first level you have to go back to the menu and “select level”, then set “level 1″, only now we start from the beginning.
The first two drawbacks are acceptable, the last point is in the long run annoying.

All in all, it is a nice game and for free it’s a really good App!

The game is free in the Market.

Android Market Link