Penguin X Run

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On December - 23 - 2010

Penguin X Run, brought to you from the developer that did YetiSports, is a accelerometer based game where the player needs to steer his character, one or more penguins, through sensitive and precise tilts of your Android handset until you reach the goal. So you can forget about playing it while lying in bed, because the controls are all about tilt mechanics.

There are obstacles on your way to the goal like bear traps, poisonous flowers or landmines to pull your leg and kill your penguin. Should one of your penguins run into such an obstacle, you need to restart the level, which can be frustrating, a checkpoint system to prevent anger would have been way better for the health of my Android device.

At the beginning you have 2 penguins at once, both walk in the direction where you tilt your device. If you tap on a penguin he stops and only one of the two keeps moving. Penguin X Run (Lite) runs flawless on my HTC Desire, it has great graphics and brings hours of gameplay and will bring you to the edge of your dexterity. I could only play the lite version, because the full version isn’t released yet, but I think the reviewed version is enough to get a verdict, because it once again is another port of a popular iPhone game, which a few of you may already know.

We cannot say if this game will run on older Android devices, but it is build with the Unity engine, so probably not. But since you can just try it out for free, just go ahead and try to download it. My personal feedback for the demo is positive all the way and it is a real treat graphically, even if there is nothing special about the game design and the effects, Penguin X Run style has it’s own charme which promises a high replayability. It is a very good, fun game with a small frustration factor that doesn’t bother you, if you do everything right, that’s all.

You can download the free Lite Version under the following link:  

Penguin X Run Lite