Pinball Ride

Posted by Dan Mousavi On December - 1 - 2010

Virtual Pinball is a difficult genre to get right. Since 1992, when the first Pinball Dreams was released, a lot of companies tried to get it right, even some big shots like Epic tried to create a pinball table, that is fun to play and Microsoft even bundled one with Windows, but since the glory days of tables like Stones ‘n Bones pretty much all sucked after a while. The only Pinball game that was fun in the last few years was the underrated Pinball FX on 360. Now here comes the first serious Pinball game on Android and I’m happy to report, that it is worth playing.

Pinball Ride only has one table, but this one is done right. To keep you motivated, there are a bunch of achievements and of course a ranking list. The iPhone version supposedly has Facebook connect, but I couldn’t find it on the Android version. Maybe it will come later, when the recently announced one click Facebook connect button is ready on Android. The physics in the game are ok, it is not as precise as newer games like Pinball FX, but beats anything you’ve seen on a mobile before. The biggest plus for the game is it’s presentation, there are beautiful drawn artworks that pop up when you progress and a catchy electro tune will welcome you until you’ve had enough of it (which then can be deacivated separately from the sound effects).

If there is one thing that sucks about this game, it is the goddamned multitouch on the Nexus One/Desire, but that is hardly the games fault. The triggers are parallel and it happened more then once to me, that it didn’t fire correctly. They are huge enough so you don’t have to be on the same x-axis, but I still hope a future update will make use of the Trackball/D-Pad for the right trigger, so I can start to hunt for highscores. Another thing that bugs me is the ugly main menu, since the rest of the game is polished, I expect an overhaul of the menues first, since there are even some bugs, like overlaying buttons in the user profile. There was another bug, which made the game untextured on Snapdragon devices, but that got fixed pretty fast, so the developer is definitely interested to give us a smooth experience on Android and will hopefully fix the small quirks in the menu.

I recommend you buy this game immediately, it is available for CAD1.01 (ca. 0.79€/0,99$) at the moment and if the iPhone version is any indication, it will rise to 3,99€/4,99$.

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