Posted by Dennis Zimpel On March - 4 - 2011

Pottery? I would never out myself as a lover of pottery, even when I think it’s a great way to relax and a wonderful way to let your skill and your creativity flow and it also strengthens your inner rest. Pottery is a great way to divert oneself and now we can do it dirt free on our Android phone.

Since Pottery is visually impressive I can’t say if it will run on older handsets without problems, but it worked without a hitch on my HTC Desire, there was no lag and no force close.

Let’s start to create our first Pot!

The Menu is pretty empty and in the beginning you feel that the size of the game could be pretty limited, but after you create your first pots you can either save them in your gallery or sell them, then imaginary auctioneers will bet on your artwork and fill your pockets. With these revenues you can buy new colors, materials and patterns in the shop, which will then bring in more money.

You can choose between the free creation of pots and doing predefined jobs, where you get a picture of a pot and you have to redo it as closely as you can. If it is accepted you get some cash and new jobs.

You can see, there is a lot inside this little game, but it could be not enough, if you are not counting pottery among your hobbies. If you would like to play pottery the only thing we can warn you from is the relative big file size with 22,55 Mb Data, but the game itself is worth the asking price without a doubt (3,52€).

Pottery was developed from the guys from Infinite Dreams (Sky Force Reloaded, Can Knockdown)

If you want to see the game in action, here’s the official trailer:

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