Riptide GP

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On June - 1 - 2011

With testing Riptide GP I’ll start a series of Tegra 2 game reviews, which will show games that are really something worth watching. With the LG Optimus speed and its built-in tegra 2 processor now the player can finally expect graphically stunning games on the mobile screen. The games get more and more near the quality of consoles, only the battery retains its weaknesses, otherwise it would be a head-to-head race. But now to Riptide, its developers Vector Unit have done a great job because they have created a game that is great for paving the start of the new 3D world on Android and to offer an indicator to other games in terms of graphics and implementation.

In Riptide GP you race on high powered jet ski’s against 5 other opponents who are computer controlled. A multiplayer mode is currently not implemented, only Open Feint, which greatly increases your motivation to keep playing. The single-player mode is a lot of fun, the player has the choice in a clear menu between a single race, the race for the fastest lap and the grand prix against 5 racers. The modes are self-explanatory and are known by various other racing games, so I won’t describe them anymore.

Let’s talk about the finer points, the graphics. Powerful reflections on the water are spectacular, the drivers and vehicles look good as well, but the environments aren’t something you would write home about, there are just some randomly placed objects in the landscape to see. It does not influence the gameplay as opposed to the fly which bugs me just while writing this review under the hot and burning sun. Here Riptide helps too, I found it pleasant to play a game with water in the heat of the summer sun, maybe at the end it’s just me, but it still felt good.

In the race you have an extra button in the right of the screen which provides for the additional boost just like the nitro in need for speed. This charge bar is pretty easy to fill, ride with your jet ski on the ramps and make various stunts by sliding with 2 fingers simultaneously, if they succeed you get a boost.

Riptide GP ran smoothly on my LG Optimus Speed ​​and brought me a lot of fun, I can recommend it to everyone of you, it costs € 4.91 in the android market, a fair price for a compelling game with great graphics but you’ll need a Tegra-2-Phone or tablet. Also check out our video demo, to get a feel for the visual quality of the game in motion.

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