Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 30 - 2011

In Robotek you try to conquer the world, what a surprise and you can guess yourself how rare this goal is, even my dog wasn’t impressed, he said that this plan was his idea and he already done it. Still, Robotek has great gameplay that is based on luck and skill, but the gameplay is hard to describe, which is why I included a Youtube video, so I can further explain it.

At the beginnning you have a small amount of enemies on a world map, which you can choose to conquer the position, the first rounds are easy, so you get used to the gameplay and can rank up your points and by that your rank fast. If you win a battle against other robots, you get XP, which sums up and the rest is self explanatory, because if you read this review, you now enough about gaming to know the system. If you don’t know it, then Google Pokemon.

You play with your main robot against the one from your enemy and above his head is a slot machine. This can activate several things like new units, attacks etc. and sets their strength.For example there are drones, which you get by activating the slot machine and by stopping it. If you have one drone, you get one weak drone on your side. But if you have two or three, it has way more offensive and defensive points. After you and your enemy took your turn on the slots, both parties start to wage war, on the bottom you see you Lifebar, if it’s empty, you’re done for. Simple, isn’t it? You see, hard to describe. Now watch the video, it can’t hurt.

You can find Robotek for free in the Android Market, the catch is the in-app purchases, which aren’t really necessary, it is still a lot of fun without them. Believe us, it’s worth a long deep look at it.

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