Rovio releases Angry Birds Space

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 22 - 2012

Today Rovio released the fourth installment in their Angry Birds series. In Angry Birds Space the eggs get abducted through a wormhole and the birds follow them and get transformed on the way.
The twist in this version is that the birds are influenced by gravity, which is represented by bubbles around the asteroids/planets. Your birds will fly endlessly in space, but when they get inside one of the bubbles, they get pulled towards the center. This results in a lot of u-turn shots and interesting challenges. There is also a new bird (or better said the white bird got transformed), which turns everything into ice where it hits. There are also new hidden eggs, which will warp you into a bonuslevel, when you find and hit them. You’ll find the first one in Level 1-09.

Angry Birds Space is a lot of fun and will probably be as successful as its predecessors, if you liked them, you probably didn’t read this article and just downloaded it already. If you didn’t like the gameplay, then the new gravity spin on it will probably not be enough to convert you.
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