Posted by Dennis Zimpel On March - 16 - 2011

Runik…that name doesn’t ring a bell at first, but I tried it anyway and got immediately hooked on the gameplay, it’s really fun and addictive. The developer contacted me and made me aware of his creation, if you want us to take a look at your game, we will try to give tipps on how to optimize gameplay and maybe write a review if we get to it, the number of games to review increases dramatically every month, so just contact us.

But let’s get to the game, if you know “Bebbled”, which is also available for free in the market, you will immediately be familiar with the gameplay, because the goal is the same, you have to take as much same colored stones as possible at once from the field, which you do by double tapping a stone (unlike Bebbled you can’t set it up for a single tap, I’ll ask the dev, if this can be included in an update).

In the lowest row you see the different stones in a bigger version, if you take enough of them off the screen, the stone will fill up until it shimmers, then it will give bonus points and act like a joker. If you tap it, all same colored stones will disappear and you will have more space to get out of hairy situations. When you have gray stones that cannot be resolved, you need to take a nearby stone, then it will get a color again.
This is when tactics come into play, if you think forward, you can get a lot more extra points.

You can also tackle a bunch of achievements, as you can see on the screenshot, take a look yourself at what you have to do get them, but they are varied enough and as I said, you get that all for free!

There are also online highscores, thanks to the Scoreloop integration, which really increases your ambitions in the game.

Runik is simple, is a lot of fun and will tie you to your device. All in all it is a strong game without any payments. The developer was able to make this game shine and then still gave it away for free in the Android market.

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