Shinobi Barrage

Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 27 - 2010

It’s time for another top-down shooter, Shinobi Barrage was released around the same time as Skies of Glory, so it might have slipped through nearly unnoticed.
Shinobi Barrage is your typical old school doujin (fan made) top down shooter on the easy levels, but if you crank up the difficulty, it turns into a nice bullet hell shooter, that is worth your time.

The game comes with 6 Levels (and maybe a 7th hidden extra stage, there are at least highscores for it) in 5 difficulties and with 3 playable characters (and maybe a hidden fourth, there is a black silhouette), you can play Arcade or tackle all levels individually. There is also a local highscore list for every level and every character.

You control the game by touch, wherever you touch, you steer the character accordingly when you slide.The three heroes Red, Pink and Yellow have different stats and some move faster then other and have smaller hitzones, but have less firepower.

Your lives are represented by the blue lights under the character, the flames that circle around your character are your number of bombs/Power shots, that you can trigger on the lower right or left, according to your settings. You can also switch off autofire. Of course you can collect more powerful shots and extra lives and bombs throughout the game.

While the pixel graphics may look amateurish and aren’t animated properly, what makes this game are the bullet patterns. Some are quite good and challenging and while it may seem impossibly hard at the beginning, a good save system, that let’s you continue from your last reached level when you come back to the game, keeps you on playing, until you get better.

Some things could be better, as always with shmups I wish it had trackball support and I would prefer a worldwide Highscore list through Scoreloop or OpenFeint, but I can still recommend this nice doujin game to you.

Shinobi Barrage is available for free (ad-supported) in the Android Market, so download and try it for yourself.

Here’s a playthrough of the first Level in Medium & Very Hard:

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