Slice it!

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On November - 29 - 2010

Back in school, when it came to geometry I was the last one who could get a good grade in my math class.
It is different when I play Slice It, here the game praises me sometimes, when I complete a task, my teachers never did that, when I thought my scribbles and calculations where good, the results begged to differ.

Slice It ist a game with a simple game priciple and highly addictive, your goal is simple, you get a geometric shape and you have to slice it into a predefined number of even parts. To complete this task you have another predefined number of cuts availabe. With multitouch, which sometimes has the all too known problems on the desire, you can cut even more precisely and move the line with both fingers until you are happy.

As soon as the cuts are used, or you made too many pieces, you automatically get your rating. Here you’ll find the enormous replay value, because it shows you how many percent of the former object have the same size. In my review I rarely advanced fast, because I always replayed the levels and tried to get the perfect cut, if you don’t get hooked on the game principle, at least I did.
You also get a rating between one and five stars after each level, which helps to motivate, since usually you will want to have five stars everywhere.

The design is very childlike, but has some mature touches, however you look at it, Slice It is a good all-round package.

Slice It is available for free on Android Market and GetJar.