Posted by Dennis Zimpel On June - 15 - 2010

As my colleague told me of Slice and sent me the link to the Market I was a little sceptical because the Screenshots looked not really good, but we would not be Androidpimps if we would condemn a game because of it’s look, Screenshots just don’t say much about a game.

So I searched for Slice in the Market, downloaded and started. What then was revealed to me was a really powerful boredom-killer!

In each level a smiley flies around across the whole display and they become more with each level. The aim is to catch the smiley in a close environment, you do that by splitting the screen when you wipe in a direction.This builds some kind of “wall”, which, if it manages to touch both outer sides , splits a part of the playing field and allows less room for the Smiley. If you think now that this sounds familiar, the original game is an all-time classic from 1981 named Qix.

At first this seems very simple, but it begins to get tricky, since there are more smileys! Your line cannot touch a Smiley, because then she vanishes again, as well as one of three lives that you have at the beginning. Between the levels you sometimes get one more credited.

I must say it is as it is so often, if are superficial and do not bother to look even closer, you possibly miss the best thing. We shouldn’t judge games prematurely that don’t look good at first glance, we need to try them at least briefly to reach a verdict. With so many trash games in the Market, this is not really possible, we only discovered Slice because the user DenieD pointed it out in the forum, thank you for this!

Those who enjoy a little game for in between, that has massive potential for addiction and replay value, should take a look at Slice, you can download it for free at the Market.

Market Link