Smiley Smashout

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On August - 1 - 2010

Sure, you read it, it’s time for smileys again.

In “Smiley Smashout” you let your your own smiley explode by a touch on your display. That ensures that your main character explodes and turns into 4 small mini smileys, flying in all four directions. You have a predetermined number of faces which must be hit, then they also dissolves back into many individual, small smileys and trigger other chain reactions. Unfortunately I have only played the lite version, but I’ll probably going to buy the full version as soon as I have refilled my credit card, for as simple as the gameplay is, it is fun and not exhausting. In the full version there are about 30 levels, only five in the Lite.

The design of the menu and ingame graphic is clear and appealing, the smileys are just smiles, but do not look like all the others, because they were designed by the developer and don’t look dull, unlike many other games which are simply thrown into the market. Smiley Smashout is no lovelessly monotonous designed game.

Here I would also like to voice a criticism once about the uploaders with the name “free4android” and “me4android”, because I see every day 10 games uploaded and 10 of them suck, this policy I do not understand and I will not support.
Even if they get the games from third parties to upload them, such actions are the reason these great little games are lost in the crowd and I do not understand why people upload those games and apps which are shit, frankly speaking. I understand if they upload one product which sucks, but then the comments and the feedback is consistently negative I try to make it better in the next time. So I say on behalf of the Editorial “No thanks” and will ignore such developers.

Now enjoy Smiley Smashout, you can get the lite version for free, the full version costs 0,50 pounds in the market.

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