Sonic CD

Posted by Dan Mousavi On January - 5 - 2012

In 1993 Sega released the Mega CD addon in europe and in the same year they released this gem of a jump and run for it. I remember how I visited a classmate and how absolutely blown away I was from the graphics in “Road Avenger” and the gameplay of the exclusice Sonic CD game. 18 Years later I finally have my own copy and can play this classic title anywhere I want on my Android device and I must say, it aged well.

Sonic CD was the highlight of the 2D Sonic games, it also introduced Amy and Metal Sonic as characters. Every Level had multiple variations of itself, which change according to the time where you are in. There are signs along the way that either say future or past, after you have touched one, you have to race as fast as possible for a while and then Sonic will jump through time. You usually get a bright lively past and a grim future. In every level there is a generator in the past and Metal Sonic will be hiding somewhere. If you destroy the generator, you will get a gem and a new brighter future level and if you destroy Metal Sonic, there will be less enemies. If you finish a level with 50 or more rings, you can play a hard F-Zero like bonus level, where you have a second chance on getting the diamond. If you finish the game with all diamonds, you will get the true ending.

Sonic CD on Android is just great. It is a special official port by Christian Whitehead for Sega. In 2009 Sega asked which games people wanted to play on iOS and he responded with a video that showed off this game running in his own Retro Engine Development Kit. That’s the reason why the game fills out the full screen now and not just 4:3. This version also has the good japanese soundtrack and the US soundtrack and for the first time you can play the whole game as Tails. The only flaw that I have found is that the intro video doesn’t get triggered. In the original game the intro video came after a few level demos, but it doesn’t get triggered on Android, however it is in the directory and you can just watch it directly from your SD card.

The only thing that I am missing is the european intro music. I grew up with the european version of the game and it had a different intro music, that blew my 12 year old mind in combination with the aewsome animated intro when I first saw it (remember, it was 1993 and fully animated videos were something new in games). I really don’t care if I am the only human being left that wants a “toot toot Sonic Warrior” intro music complete with BS 90’s rap, I was so jealous of the Mega CD that I hummed this melody for weeks. Years later I even rented a Mega CD, just to listen to this track again.

The controls are nearly perfect, I can even use the Trackball to jump, very practical because then you don’t block half the screen with your hand. The only thing that could be improved is that I don’t need the on screen jump button with this control scheme and I can’t deactivate it.

The only problem with the game was that when it was released, Sega screwed up the file hosting and it took forever to download the Data. You can just download it from alternative sources and put it on your SD card so it’ll work, but that’s not very customer friendly and the reason the game got a lot of bad reviews in the Android market.

If you want a jump and run on your mobile phone, you can’t go wrong with Sonic CD. It is the best classic Sonic game and it has a great Android port. If you don’t buy this great port, don’t ever complain that there are no quality jump and runs on Android, because now Android got one of the best.

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