Steel Shot

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On June - 8 - 2010

Today we have another great game tip for you, that has fallen into my hands by accident (Please send a mail to us if you also find a diamond among the whole sand crumbs, I find it very sad that so many highlights are hidden, just because some devs upload every game no matter how boring it is), it’s called Steel Shot and is based on a game similar to a hit on another OS which will remain unnamed.

Do you know Angry Birds? Something like that has been missing for Android and until it arrives later this year, you can play this variation of the gameplay in slightly different, but similar form.

You have to shoot steel balls and lighter gold balls (From Level 30, they fly in a straight line if you use full force, steel balls fly in a curve) with a slinghot and hit on one or more red balls, which are often placed hidden behind walls or can only to be taken by a chain reaction. You’ll have to think your moves through, but it’s not the exhausting kind of riddle game, you often just have to time the moments of your shots.

I personally like the game, especially because of the different levels of difficulty. It is challenging, because first it is kept simple with a nice tutorial in the first level, then it will be more and more difficult, the difficulty increases nicely, opposed to many other games, where the difficulty level is not so variable.

The menu is expressed in simple manner, not too much nor too little, what matters anyway is the game itself, as the majority of players will agree.

You can get it for ‚ā¨ 0.99 in the Market, a perfectly reasonable price for a game with 79 levels and more planned through updates in the future. For skeptics, there is also a Steel Shot Lite Version for free.

Market Link