Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 14 - 2010

Here’s another free game worth having on your phone, Sweep is a puzzle game with an enourmous amount of levels, so that you won’t get it off your phone for a long time.
The goal of the game is to eliminate all other chips on the table by kicking them out of the screen, you do that by swiping chips in either a horizontal or vertical direction and when they ram into other chips the force will pass on to the next chip. the level is won, if only one chip is left at the end.

What sounds easy at the beginning will soon have you thinking about different layouts and methods and when you get stuck in the first 100 Levels, you can use a hint system, which will add 2 minutes to your clear time per use and shows you step by step how to clear the level. You’d think that this would seriously cut down on the play time, but there are 900 more levels without hints, which makes it probably the biggest puzzle game I have seen on Android yet.

The presentation is also very nice, a clean menu navigation with great overview over all the levels and the needed time puts other free offerings to shame and the in game graphics are good enough to keep you entertained and the casino theme fits it perfectly. The only annoying thing is a big pop up message that tells you that you are stuck, after you’ve seen it once a quicker message would suffice, so you can undo your move faster. The sound effects are ok, but can get a little annoying after a while, because there is no background music. Another minor problem that is bound to be fixed are minor control issues, sometimes you need to swipe a few times, before the game reacts, which usually happens, if you play too fast. When the game get’s a bit more optimized I’m sure this problem will disappear.

Sweep is a very good game and since it’s free, everyone should try it. It has a little bit of a Carrom feel to it, even if you don’t aim, but just plan moves. There are already a lot of free puzzle games out there and we already pitched you Fish Food a while ago, but honestly there can never be enough high quality free games and with its 999 Levels Sweep distinguished itself from other puzzlers with it’s massive content. If you look for a quick and easy puzzle game to play while you wait for something, that keeps you entertained from about 10 seconds to 10 minutes per level, maybe Sweep is the game that’ll puzzle you for the next year(s).

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