Telltale games are bringing their games to Android

Posted by Dan Mousavi On February - 15 - 2011

Telltale games made a name for themselves by doing serialized adventures with huge success, they brought back these classic games and when they license games, they managed to keep the wits by working closely with the original developers.

Sadly the games are too advanced for your standard Android device, that’s why they are exclusive for the time being on Tegra 2 tablets.
Sam & Max Season 3 was shown and it ran beautifully, they also showed Trailers of Back to the future, their newest adventure, that will hopefully also come to Android, it is not officially announced yet.

They also showed iPhone hit Puzzle Agent on the booth of our beloved plattform. It will be just a matter of time, until we can get all the new adventures on our devices, so stay tuned.

Here are some videos of the games they’ve shown.

  • Adri√†

    I think that really Android selling hits like Samsung Galaxy SII has enough power to run smoothly Telltale Games. As far as its similar to an Iphone and that one recieves every new game from theme… And no, segmentation is not an excuse when a phone like SGSII has sold more than 20 millions devices worlwide. Congratulations for your blog and regards from Spain :)!!