The 25 Best Free Games for July 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 4 - 2011

Here we are again with our new free game toplist for July. As with every month in the last year, Android gaming just got a little better with major releases for the casual and the hardcore gamer alike. Besides the listed games here, there are two more titles I want to recommend you. For the hardcore gamer: Galaxy on Fire 2, while the game isn’t free ( and will of course be in the paid games list) the game let’s you play through the entire first galaxy for free, which will give you at least an hour of gameplay, a lot more if you do sidequests. The graphics alone make this a must have title for many, but the game itself is really good, one of the best spaceflight games in recent years on all plattforms and the Android THD Version is the most advanced rendition of the title with 4 times more details on the ships and more effects in general compared to the iPhone version. The other title is Cut the Rope (beware, this is the Nexus One version, select your device before you download), which is only available for free on GetJar. There is a reason that it is the most popular iPhone game besides Angry Birds, this little time waster has excellent gameplay and a great level layout and was one of my most wanted titles, so I’m very happy that we are finally able to feed Omnom. We usually only focus on the Android market, but I’m not sure if the free version will be launched there at all and since it won’t cost you anything, not even a registration to get it from GetJar, it is just too good to not recommend it to you now. The ad integration is also very non obtrusive, this is a good example on how you port an iPhone game over and make it free. As always, if we missed any good game that was released in the last month, please let us know about them in the comments section.

3D Bowling
A new free bowling game with different lane layouts

A Monster ate my Homework
Throw a ball and topple the monster blocks from the table

Beer Pong HD
A Beer Pong game with Angry Birds shooting mechanics. Our review of it will go online soon

Block World
A game that looks like minecraft and like it also in live development, but it will be different gameplay wise, once it advances in development

Burn the Rope
Please read our review for more information

City Story
Teamlava brings us this city simulation

Coins vs. Zombies
A nice genre mix, Pachinko, Slot Machine and a little bit of Puzzle Bobble at once

A ad free cyberpunk RPG that is developed live (so essentially it’s a beta)

Devil Ninja
Another month, another running game, this time with Ninjas…again

Doodle Grub
A snake game where you steer with the accelerometer

Fashion Story
Another Teamlava game, this time you manage a clothing boutique

Fastball 2
A ball rolls around a course and you can make him jump, you just have to reach the exit with precise timing

Gravity Wins
A two player 4-connect game with a twist, the playing field rotates every few rounds

A marble madness clone with pretty nice level layouts

Kami Retro
A jump and run/incredible machine crossover, place items around the level and make your characters jump by flicking them to reach the goal

Office Jerk
A Paper Toss clone, where you can toss different objects

A really great Android exclusive physics puzzler with a lot of gameplay varitiation, the No.1 Free Game in the Android market this month

Space Cat
Fly with a cat in a saucer through a box and collect squeaky mice…epic

Stair Dismount
The popular iPhone Bonebreaker Simulation is now also avilable for Android

A slick Basketball flicking game in space

Take me home
Finally Android has a good clone of the popular iPhone app Cat Physics, tap the plant to throw the ball and guide him with objects to the other plant

Yoo Ninja Plus
Another Ninja running game, there are really too much quality clones of this type

Finally a Scrabble version that also supports german

Zenonia 3
The third part of the most famous action rpg series on Android is really free this time

Zoo Story
Another popular TeamLava game landed on Android, here you manage a zoo

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