The 25 Best Paid Games for August 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On August - 2 - 2011

Welcome to our monthly Toplist for August 2011. This month android introduced multiple apk support on Android, so if a game doesn’t look like the corresponding screenshot, it’s probably because of that.
You may have realized that we had a little less articles in the last month. That’s entirely my fault, because I am busy at the moment with developing my first Android app. It should be ready sometimes this month, so stay tuned. Because of that I couldn’t translate as many reviews as usual, but there are nearly a half dozen reviews written, who are just waiting to be lectured. As always we are still looking for more help, if you think you could translate from german into english in acceptable quality, please contact us. If you are a professional lecturer, who doesn’t work for free, you can also contact me. I am looking for a paid translator and lecturer, who would need to lecture and translate around 20 pages every month to to lecture the german version and translate it into english. He/She also needs to be a hardcore gamer and should like sci-fi. Now let’s get to the best games of this month:

Arma II: Firing Range THD
Bohemia interactive developed a firing range in cooperation with NVIDIA

BackStab HD
Gamelofts pirate adventure is now available for all android devices

Balance It! HD
A game where you stack objects on top of each, that need to balance each other out

A side scrolling zombie shooter
Biofrenzy: Frag The Zombies!!

A isometric puzzle game, try the web demo here
Brain Ball Runaway

A sidescrolling action rpg from Gamevil

Destroy Gunners
A japanese robot shooting action game with good graphics, there is a free demo version (F)

DJ Hero Mobile
A mobile version of the popular music mixing game

Fieldrunners HD
A very popular tower defense game

Green Farm
A Farmville Clone from Gameloft with in app purchases

GT Racing:Motor Academy
A Gran Turismo Clone from Gameloft with in app purchases

Icebreaker Hockey
The follow-up to Backbreaker Football, this time you are on the ice

Joining Hands
A very cute puzzle game

Pirates Plunder
A nice slot machine

Platinum Solitaire 3
Gameloft brings us another well done Solitaire game

Redneck Jellyfish
You are a Redneck Jellyfish that collects coral seeds from the ground and throws them on others to create more

A very pretty side scrolling jump and run

A running game where you either run along the ceiling or the floor with some nice twists

Spirit HD
A Geometry Wars like arcade shooter

The title says it all, you fall and slash zombies

Syphon Filterâ„¢ 3
The classic shooter is now available exclusive for the Xperia Play

Turtle Dash
Another Tiny Wings Clone

The sci-fi racer is now available exclusive for the Xperia Play

Zombie Rider
A racing game with a biker zombie from the makers of Turbo Grannies

Zombieville USA
MikaMobile’s classic iPhone hit is now available for Android

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