The 30 Best Free Games for August 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On August - 14 - 2011

Another month full of new releases that arrived right in time for the summer holiday. This time we have a lot of city builder games for you as well as games with high end graphics. E.g. the Angry Bots Unity Demo, which shows us once again what is currently possible on smartphones, tablets and soon on Google TV’s. Here are the 30 best games that won’t cost you a dime for August 2011. As always, these are the best games that we have found, if we missed out on your favorite new free game, please let us know about it in the comments.

Aliens Invasion
A sidescrolling shooting game

Angry Bots Demo
The new demo to demonstrate the new effects of Unity 3.4, not really a full game, but it will give you 5 minutes of graphically impressive gameplay

Art of War 2 online
The first free Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy game on Android

Asteroid Tower Defense
A tower defense game in space

Astro Jump
A jumping game with objectives

Ball Hop
A Skee Ball Game with nice graphics

Baseball Superstars II
The follow-up to the popular Baseball game from Gamevil is now available

Bloo Kid
A nice jump and run from Eiswuxe

Bouncy Mouse
A very fun flicking game, flick the mouse through the levels. It even has a nyancat mode. ^^

Clumpsball 2
A nice neon variation of the basketball flicking games

A fun 3D running game with a lot of levels from Ezone

Drago Pet
Get your own dragon in this Virtual Pet simulation

Dragon, Fly!
A nice Tiny Wings clone with good performance for free

Elf City Online
A freemium city builder game

Falling Fred
A falling game with splatter effects

Fishing Master
A beautiful fishing game

Fruit Ninja Free
The original Fruit slicing game has a free version now

Inotia3: Children of Carnia
A nice free action rpg from Com2uS

Japan Life
A city builder game, this time in Japan

Lane Splitter
A survival racing game

Missile Defense
A Missile Commander clone

Racing Moto
A survival racing game, this one seems to be more popular

Slash Beta
A iSlash Clone, they are always good

Slime vs. Mushroom
A nice Plants vs. Zombies clone

A beautiful racing game that needs a high end device to run smoothly

The Marbians
A beautiful marble game, help the aliens to collect their ship parts again by rolling them around

Wrecking Baller
cruise through a city and destroy the buildings

X City
A city building game

Zombie City
a zombie shooter running game

Zombie Runaway
A 3d running game with zombies

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