Tiny Bee

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 27 - 2011

I think you already know Tiny Wings or Dillo Hills, but now there’s Tiny Bee, a very similar game but at least as funny as them and as addictive. Your mission is to control a bee which flies in front of a bad weather cloud, which you can see at the left corner of your screen. If it catches your bee you will die, just like a bee in a storm would.

After a countdown of 3 seconds your bee will get out of her honeycomb and has to try to get as many honeycombs and honey as possible. If you do the “tasks” your score will be multipilied. They will push your motivation up to the sky, but at the beginning they are a bit to hard, try to increase your skill and you’ll see it makes more and more fun to get new highscores.

You simply play with finger pressure, touch the screen to increase the force of gravity, then your bee touches the ground. Do it at the downside of a hill to fly like a skijumper. At the point where the hill goes up to the sky take off your finger from the screen to loosen the force of gravity and fly as high as possible. If you want to fly faster and get a higher score perform this operation and get as much “sweets” as possible and often in a row. When it goes wrong you’ll get an “ouch”.

Tiny Bee is downloadable for 0,79‚ā¨ in the Android Market, there’s also an demo-version for testing it for free, but beware, the gameplay is very addictive.

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