40 Top Free Android Games for June 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 6 - 2011

In the last month Google launched the new Android market website at Google I/O, which makes our job to bring you a list of the best games of the last month a little easier.
Most of these games are in the Top new games list that is posted there, but not all, since a game needs a lot of downloads first before it is listed there. If a good game never gets found in the first place, it won’t be in the list because it is limited to 20 sites and the last 30 days. That is why we will continue to bring you these lists, because they still provide the best overview on what noteworthy games where released in the last month.
Since not many people voted for the best games of the month, we won’t post a poll in the future, but you can still recommend your favorites in the comments.

101 Games in 1
A lot of similar minigames wrapped into one game

A Frog game
A remake of a classic C64 game, jump from leaf to leaf and catch flies

Army Sniper
A Sniper game with a storyline

Big Time Gangsta
A Browsergame like Gangster Simulation with in app purchases

Blox Roll
A Cubic Man Clone for free

A game adaption of the italian game Bocce

Bomb Toss
A first person defense game

Bubble Pop
A nice Puzzle Bobble Clone

Well, it’s Chess, nothing more to say ^^

A puzzle game where you direct a paperplane

Contract Killer
A really good Sniper Game with in app purchases

Doodle Dash
A running game with a lot of extras like vehicles and weapons

Doodle Fit
A puzzle game where you need to fill forms with Tetris like shapes

Droid Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe with different skins

Drop or Fall
Your goal is to fall down, a nice game for smaller kids

a playable graphic benchmark in the form of a 3d Jump and Run

Cut the board and keep the Fireballs together

A nice sidescrolling shoot ‘em up survival game

Flying Turtle Beta
A Tiny Wings Clone with a Turtle

A jumping game with strange, eerily happy creatures

Four in a Line
The classic game in a nice look

Free Running 3D
A survival ball running game with nice techno music

Glass Destroyer
A puzzle game where you break glass blocks

Glow Hockey 2
The second part of this game introduces a 2 Player mode and new themes

Happy Vikings
A puzzle game with good comic graphics from Handygames

Hoops AR
A Augmented reality game created with Qualcomm’s new Augmented Reality Development Kit

I must Run!
The popular pixelated running game is now available for free on Android

Mad O Ball
The prequel to an upcoming Ball tilting game with 4 Levels

Moon Chaser
Another Tiny Wings Clone with a Ninja

Paper War 2 Player
A 2 Player war game with three play modes

Pilot Jump
a climbing game like Hyper Jump with nice extras

Ponon Deluxe
A falling blocks puzzle game

Pumpkins vs. Monsters
A puzzle game with a tower defense twist

Real Madrid Fantasy Manager
A Football Manager that has in app purchases after a while

River Pirates
A tower defense game with boats

The new game from Hexage with in app purchases, please read our review for more information:

Rotate and Roll
A nice puzzle game where you rotate the game world

A take on the classic game Snake by Ximad

Space Bunnies
Tilt your device to fly through space and fling your ship per touchscreen to collect all bunnies from the planets

Sushi Slash
A Qix like slicing game, where you cut away from shapes and need to keep all sushis on one side

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