Uncle Pumpkin’s Journey

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On June - 24 - 2011

The game Uncle Pumpkin’s Journey is a great free game in the 2-D perspective from the manufacturer rpg90. I have played the game for a while to find out, if it is worthwhile for you to invest your time and since we don’t talk about bad games at Androidpimps, you know now it is worth a look.

The first thing I positively noticed even before the installation of Uncle Pumpkin’s Journey are the permissions, because except for unrestricted Internet access the game requires no other rights. That has meanwhile become noteworthy, when I look at games like Angry Birds and some others, where you sometimes ask yourself if a game really needs all those rights.

Now to the game itself, you play it from the side perspective, bright colors decorate the screen of the android in your hands, the game currently has 20 levels, a physics engine provides realism and in the description at the Android Market the game developer says that he will support and improve the game for a long time with updates and fresh game elements.

The gameplay is simple and unpretentious and captivating at the same time. You have a gondola with three occupants, each of them represents a life. Now you have the keys left and right on your screen to move along the line of a rollercoaster without touching the obstacles, creatures and monsters will obstruct your safe route. Once the target is reached you get to the next level. It’s a great game with an extremely annoying sound, but since I have already disabled it on most of my other games, this bothers me very little.

Download the game at android market and test it out, it’s free and very good!

Market Link

The developers website didn’t get me very far, it contains characters which I can’t read. But perhaps some of his countrymen read this review, so here’s the link.
Developer’s Homepage