Posted by Dan Mousavi On October - 19 - 2010

It’s time for another puzzle game, in Yumsters you stretch worms across the screen to feed them fruit. What sounds really trivial in the beginning soon turns into a feeding frenzy that utilizes the touch gameplay really well.Let’s have a look, what Herocraft and Kranx have cooked up for us.

Yumsters is a very colorful game, the bright palette fits the gameplay and the worms are kinda cute, which always helps. The goal of the game is, to eat the fruits that are displayed on the top row before they reach the right side and spawn on the field. When all the fields are filled, before the fruits in the top bar are eaten, the game is over.
Your worms can eat multiple food at once, so you are always stretching them around for extra points and combos. But by doing that you block the path for other worms, so you are constantly reorganizing your worms based on where which fruits spawn. Your worms are placed in holes in the ground and you can drag and switch them any way you like. Over time new elements get introduced, like the commander worm, that speeds up all worms, when he is filled up. There are also extras lying around that e.g. raise the multiplier.

Besides an adventure mode with 64 Levels, there’s also a survival mode. The game also has a custom achievement system, that has little symbols on a special page instead of just a little box somewhere, which is pretty neat. You can sync it with your Herocraft account, so I guess we will see this system in more games from now on.

Yumsters is a pretty fun game and worth a look, if you are into cute puzzle games. It’s also a big step up in quality to previous Herocraft games and in my opinion their best game since Farm Frenzy. Check out the lite version and see for yourself if you like it, it is like always linked below.

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