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Crush the Castle

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On August - 7 - 2010

Crush the Castle is now available for 99ct. The Android version, as opposed to the Flash version, itself is very compelling and comprehensive which gives you plenty of playtime. Although Crush the Castle’s concept was the basis for the top Iphone game ‘Angry Birds’, the original didn’t do as well as Rovio’s version which is also highly anticipated for the future release on Android.

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New Mobile Flash Link: Android Void

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 28 - 2010

A new flash games site for Android opened it’s doors this week.
Here’s a quick introduction by the developer Ryan Wright: is an Android flash game arcade and community site. We
have built the page exclusively for Android mobile devices and we are
aiming at offering something unique to our visitors. We allow players to
create profiles, earn points, and discuss games all in a mobile

New mobile Flash Links for Armor Games, Nick and flash CHESS III

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 11 - 2010

There’s a new Beta of Flash and after checking it out I’ve found these three new sites, that are great for Flash on mobile.

Armor Games started a mobile site with 20 Flash games, one of my recent favorites on the PC is there, look out soon for a review of One Button Bob.
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The Several Journeys of Reemus

Posted by Dan Mousavi On May - 29 - 2010

We just got the first Froyo handset with full Flash 10.1 support and I know a lot of you are asking themselves if you really need Flash on a mobile Plattform for gaming.
That’s why I looked around for a halfway decent Flash game to show you in these early stages of the Flash open beta. What I have found was a total surprise to me and after playing the first of four available games, I claim The Several Journeys of Reemus is the best point and click adventure you can find on any Android device ( …that doesn’t run Android 1.6 or lower, of course nothing can touch the classic Lucasarts adventures, but they aren’t available until Scumm gets ported to 2.0 and I’m sure after playing them for decades you want something new, if it’s good).
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New feature: Link list for Android optimized Flash games

Posted by Dan Mousavi On May - 26 - 2010

Today we bring you a new service, where we link you to the best mobile flash games, that are optimized for Android.
Most of the Flash games you’ll find when you google for mobile flash games are weak flash lite games, so we’ve decided to collect links to the best modern Flash games here.
You can find the link to the list in the header or you use the permalink
If you know any sites that have Android optimized Flash games, please contact us at or post in our forums.