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Angry Birds seasons now available

Posted by Dan Mousavi On December - 1 - 2010

Rovio just released Angry Birds seasons for Android. This version contains 25 Christmas themed levels as well as the 45 Level Halloween edition packaged as a special episode. After the huge success that Angry Birds had on Android, I’m pretty sure this version will be equally popular. Since it is a little bit more difficult, I recommend that new players start with the original.
Just like the first Angry Birds, this one is also available for free on Android (ad supported). In the newsletter Rovio also announced, that they are still working on a version with lighter graphics for weaker handsets and after that they will introduce a payment system to opt-out of advertising.

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Black Friday Sales Galore

Posted by Dan Mousavi On November - 25 - 2010

Tomorrow is Black Friday, the biggest sales day in the year and a lot of Android developers have a sale going on to this occasion, most of them won’t last longer than Cyber Monday.
Here’s a list of recommendable games, that are on sale at the moment, if you know some more, please let us know in the comments, we will update the list throughout the weekend:

All games are 0,99$

Buy one, get one free

Zenonia $2,99
Baseball Superstars 2010 $2,99
Soccer Superstars $2,99

on sale until 9 December

Ms. PAC-MAN $3.99
PAC-MAN $3.99
PAC-MAN Championship Edition $3.99
Harvest Moon Frantic Farming $2.99
Inspector Gadget $2.99
Rolling with Katamari $2.99
The Wolfman $2.99

All games 50% off (only for 48hrs after this article is published)

20 Top Games for November

Posted by Dan Mousavi On November - 4 - 2010

Hello everyone, October and Halloween is over and it’s time to face the real monster again, the Android Market. It gets harder and harder to wade through all the uploads each month, this time there were roughly 7600 new updates & releases in the games section and picking the 20 best is no easy task.
Since we already picked the 10 best free/paid apps for you, it is now your turn to vote for the best game out of them. We added a vote box to our site below this article and on the main site, where you can choose your favorite out of the bunch, so others can see, which one is the most popular.
To be able to vote, you just join the site with Google Friend Connect per Gmail/Facebook/Twitter/insertevilempire. Oh and while we are on the subject, we’d love it if you would follow us on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

Paid Games

Bonecruncher Soccer
A brutal variation of soccer, the game is pretty much the same as Backbreaker Football, but with a nicer finish, where you need to swipe the screen to shoot a goal.

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The PSP Phone

Posted by Dan Mousavi On October - 27 - 2010

A few months ago rumors started to spread about a PSP Android phone by Sony Ericsson and while these rumors sounded very convincing (since every gamer expected such a device since Sony formed it’s partnership and brought their first phone together to the market), finally some real screenshots came to light over at Engadget.

What you see here is a mobile gamers dream come true, a real D-Pad, real buttons, two optical trackpads to emulate analog sticks and shoulder buttons deliver complete control over your games, just like on a real gaming handheld. No lousy D-Pad like the N-Gage, real buttons on the side of the touchscreen, so you don’t accidentaly press them like on the Nexus One, the design just looks flawless for gaming. A second menue button under the D-Pad and the placement of the back button on the left side of the system keys will ensure, that you don’t need to rearrange your grip to reach all keys. The Touch Panel on the backside also ensures, that you can touch anywhere on the screen without blocking the view or letting go of your controls.

I’m pretty sure, I am looking at my next phone here, this is the killer gaming device I expected from Microsoft for their Windows 7 launch, which never came and makes their device lineup look pale for gamers. Even if Sony wouldn’t go all out (like the rumor mill says) and not builds a real gaming store for this device, I would need one of those for the massive amount of Android games, that would profit from better controls. The dual analog Sticks combined with the shoulder buttons will make building first person games reasonable for the first time on a mobile device, not even the original PSP could deliver that.

The device, which codename is “Zeus” has the following rumored specs at the moment:
1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 (like the G2, but 200 Mhz faster)
1GB of ROM
a screensize around 3.7 to 4.1 inches

We’ll let you know as soon as we have more solid info about Sony’s plans for Android, but whatever they are, if we get such a sexy device out of it, then Sony is on the best way on the road to success. The only thing I wish for on this device is a 3D screen from Sharp, which would make playing First person shooters a lot of fun and since Sony is on the forefront of bringing 3D into households, I hope they cease this opportunity and build it in, I don’t care if it bumps up the price point and so would a lot of gamers. Let’s hope for the best and pray to the gaming gods, that our wish will come true, since our last one for a PSP Phone seems to be fially getting heard.

Source: Engadget

Samsung Galaxy Tab – the first Android tablet for Gamers

Posted by Dan Mousavi On October - 22 - 2010

Today I visited Green Robot, who were kind enough to let us take a good look on the Galaxy tab and test out it’s gaming capabilities. Since the Galaxy Tab is one of the hottest gadgets at the moment, we won’t bother you with a device review, because you can already find good user impressions on the net, I recommend engadget in english and golem in german.
Instead we will focus on it’s gaming capabilities, which could very well be the secret weapon for the 7 inch tablets, give tips for developers on how to optimize for the device and show some videos of popular android games running on it.

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