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The Evo 3D has become pretty popular in Germany over the last couple of months, mostly because some shops like Saturn sold it in some regions for as low as 199€ without a contract, which makes it the cheapest handset with the most power available. I bought one for 269€ and still think it’s a steal.
When it comes to 3D content, you are pretty limited with the Evo 3D. There are barely any games available, because they have to implement a plugin from HTC to support it. LG had the same problem in the beginning, but they updated the Optimus 3D and included a tool that can convert most 3D games into stereo 3D. HTC hasn’t done that and so you are limited to the three included games (Spiderman, Need for Speed Shift and The Sims, don’t update the Sims over the market or you loose the 3D slider) and the very few games that have implemented the plugin.
But when it comes to 3D movies, the Evo 3D is a hidden monster. With a little extra software we are going to build the ultimate mobile movie machine. In the end we will stream 720p 3d movies, that run in 2D when connected to a normal TV.
These settings will not work on a LG Optimus 3D without some tweaking, because it doesn’t accept any resolution, but even if you have a normal handset, you could build a similar streaming server just for 2D content with the resolution of your handset, so hopefully you get something out of it too.

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Temple Run now available

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 27 - 2012

Since Temple Run has hit the iPhone in August last year, it has become one of the most requested games on Android.
Now the wait is finally over, Imangi just released Temple Run in the Google Play store.
Temple Run is a 3D running game that tests your reflexes, you flee from a temple and need to jump, slide and turn as long as you can. It’s pretty simple, but very addicting.
The game is available for free, so go ahead and grab it already.

Google Play Store

THE KING OF FIGHTERS released for Android

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 22 - 2012

Today is a good day for Android gamers. G-Gee just published the first AAA fighting game on Android.
THE KING OF FIGHTERS Android is based on the recent arcade and console version King of Fighters XIII. Since King of Fighters XII this is one of the finest animated game series in high resolution.
If you want to know what is so special about these 2d graphics should check out this link.

It shows what has to be done to create pixel perfect sprites in this quality. The game itself looks pretty good, but as far as I can see, it’s missing a multiplayer option at the moment. Let’s hope they are still working on it, because a beat ‘em up without multiplayer is usually not worth your time and money.

The game is available now for 4,99$ in the Play Store

Cat game – a game for your cat

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 22 - 2012

All living beings like to play, so does your cat. After a recent flood of videos, where animals played easy touchscreen games, this is the first game, that is specifically targeted for your little bundle of fur.
The game has 4 levels that try to get your cat to engage with it. At the moment there are squeaky mice that your cat has to paw, there’s also a artist mode, where your cat draws while it is playing, you can share the picture afterwards. The developer Sebastian Maurer is planning to add other critters like squirrels and birds. He is also asking for feedback, because he has only one cat as a playtester until now. So if you have a playful kitten, let it play this game and please show me the results next caturday, because there are few things that are more awesome than video gaming cats. ^^

The game is available for 2,50$ in the Play store.

Rovio releases Angry Birds Space

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 22 - 2012

Today Rovio released the fourth installment in their Angry Birds series. In Angry Birds Space the eggs get abducted through a wormhole and the birds follow them and get transformed on the way.
The twist in this version is that the birds are influenced by gravity, which is represented by bubbles around the asteroids/planets. Your birds will fly endlessly in space, but when they get inside one of the bubbles, they get pulled towards the center. This results in a lot of u-turn shots and interesting challenges. There is also a new bird (or better said the white bird got transformed), which turns everything into ice where it hits. There are also new hidden eggs, which will warp you into a bonuslevel, when you find and hit them. You’ll find the first one in Level 1-09.

Angry Birds Space is a lot of fun and will probably be as successful as its predecessors, if you liked them, you probably didn’t read this article and just downloaded it already. If you didn’t like the gameplay, then the new gravity spin on it will probably not be enough to convert you.
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