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Crazy Squared

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On April - 15 - 2011

The game principle of Crazy Squared is new to me, but looks very promising.The developer Tangent Web Design Ltd., the game company behind Crazy Squared, contacted me about their game and asked me to try it out. They describe their game as a mixture of Snooker and Pinball. There are no holes, but there are blue movable cubes, which will desintegrate the yellow cubes, if they touch each other. the first few levels are just to warm you up and are pretty easy.

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Happy Birthday Androidpimps!

Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 5 - 2011

Exactly one year ago we uploaded our first batch of articles and we are really excited how gaming on Android has matured in this short time.
From a handful of good games last year, we were then able to recommend our visitors over 200 games through the Toplists and wrote 74 reviews and 140 articles, so they could find the best games in the soup of roughly 200000 releases on the market.
This year will be even more interesting, with the launch of the first dedicated Android gaming handset and the new Tegra powered devices, Android will mature even more and don’t forget about Google TV, which could still be an ace up their sleeve, if the home console market continues to stagnate with 7 year old consoles, Android could make a dent there too.
There is also cloud gaming, it will be interesting to see how the Onlive integration in new devices like the HTC Flyer tablet will pan out.

I want to thank everyone who helps me keep the site running, especially Dennis who helped me tremendously in the last months, where I didn’t have the time to write a lot of reviews myself, without him the site wouldn’t be what it is today. But we could also use some new talents, if some of you think they got what it takes to write an article in either german or english, please contact us, we would love to have all daily news on the site, but since there is so much going on nowadays, it just isn’t possible anymore with 2 active writers and 2 languages at once. Regular writers get access to promo games, get contacted by developers and will get some paypal money from our ad revenue to cover the costs of paid games. If you already have a burning passion for Android games, please think about using this outlet (I’m looking at you, Wingnut ;) ).

And a big THANK YOU! to the 328.211 people who visited us in the last year, I hope you continue to visit us regularly, so we are further motivated to spend our time and money to weed through the crap games for you, so you can just enjoy the hidden pearls.
It was a great first year and this is just the beginning…

Crystal Defenders

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On April - 4 - 2011

Another Tower Defense review? Again? Sadly I have to answer with yes, but from the masses of Tower Defense Games in the market, this one is at least in the Top 10.
As you can probably see from the design, this game comes from the capable hands that created the popular Final Fantasy series, which will remind most people at their childhood, because FF is a timeless classic and nearly everyone has tried at least one part and knows how the story usually goes.

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Dungeon Defenders now available for free

Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 1 - 2011

Google launched in-app purchases this week and Trendy Entertainment decided it would be best to give away the first game for free now, with additional in-app purchses down the line, like the announced PVP Arena or second wave, which will come out first on the Xperia Play.

Dungeon Defenders was the first Unreal 3 game on the Android Plattform and is still one of the best looking (and hardware wise most demanding) games available for phones without a Tegra processor. So just go ahead and download it, but take a look at the compatibility list first, because it won’t run properly on older phones like the Nexus One and playing it like this will take away all the fun (that’s why we don’t have a full review yet).

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Ghost Wars Pro

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On March - 31 - 2011

Ghost Wars Pro is once again a sleeper hit in the market that starts to gain some attention in various Android forums, so it’s time for a short review on this variation of the tower defense genre, since we are thrilled with the concept.

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