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Blow Up

Posted by David Holliss On June - 20 - 2010

Blow up. An addictive game by Camel Games you’ve probably never even heard of.

It’s probably one of the few games where a single screenshot probably explains the gameplay better than paragraphs of text, but I’ll give it a go. The aim of the game is to blow up wooden/metal structures with a restricted number of accurately placed bombs – these are placed by simply dragging in to the required position. Therefore turning the structure to a pile or rubble – the smaller you can make the pile of rubble the more points you’ll score. There is a horizontal guide line where all the rubble must lay beneath in order for you to progress to the next structure.

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Furry Legend

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 18 - 2010

Today we got something special, a great Android exclusive puzzle jump and run found it’s way to the market (at least it’s exclusive in Europe, it’s also available for BREW Handsets in America). The polish developer Gamelion brings us Furry Legend for mobile. Furry Legend is the 2D prequel to a 3D Wiiware game, that’ll be released at 5th July. You play a fur ball, that rolls around happily on his home planet until his friend gets captured by evil triangles, that try to conquer your Homeland, so you embark on a adventure to rescue him. You advance by solving physics based puzzles, that are very diverse and don’t rehash the same mechanics all the time.
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Posted by Dennis Zimpel On June - 15 - 2010

As my colleague told me of Slice and sent me the link to the Market I was a little sceptical because the Screenshots looked not really good, but we would not be Androidpimps if we would condemn a game because of it’s look, Screenshots just don’t say much about a game.

So I searched for Slice in the Market, downloaded and started. What then was revealed to me was a really powerful boredom-killer!

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Learn to Fly

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 13 - 2010

Namco brings us a bad port of the popular Flash game Learn to Fly with new graphics, but since the original Flash game is great and for the time it’s an Android exclusive, we’ll take a look and a look was all that it needed to play through the whole game.

In Learn to Fly you play a penguin, that is pissed about an article that tells him, he cannot fly. He builds a ramp and learns it to prove the world wrong. The Flash game doesn’t work on Touchscreen devices, because you cannot steer, so Namco “kindly” redid the free Flash game and charges 4,99$ for a lousy port, with a less intriguing intro and outro, that cannot even play SFX and Music at the same time.

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Smiley Pops

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 11 - 2010

Boolba Labs, the company behind the popular game Toss it are trying to steal more gaming time from us with a casual puzzler, that tries to destroy your sanity by playing the Loituma song over and over again.

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