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A World of Photo-Throw with pictures of you!

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 26 - 2010

I did not know exactly what to expect from “A World of Photo”, because the title sounds mysterious. So I installed this free app to get a closer look. A lot of people in the forums and the comments at the android market find it very funny and cool. In fact, a direct hit!

In short, the goal here is to exchange photos with the whole world, if you wish you can comment and rate them. However, you do that in an ingenious principle: chain mail!
Now some of you are probably already shaking their heads and think “No thanks”, but wait, it really is a highlight on android.

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Panzer Panic

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 24 - 2010

Here’s another Gametip, Panzer Panic!

One of our users gave me the idea to show it to you, thanks to Wingnut!

This game from the german developer HandyGames is about playing war with tanks, whose ammunition consists of ink, to destroy enemy tanks.

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“Peggy”-Free Fun

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 11 - 2010

Here is a great game tipp: “Peggy”

In this game you have to turn off all lights with a ball.

In the game mode Easy you’ve got 15 balls, medium has 12 balls and hard 10 Balls to obscure all lights. In total there are 20 levels, which follow each other in a row, if you are on fire and have a lot of luck. Anyone who had fun with the similar game for the PC named “Peggle“, will also have it with this game for android, but beware: highly addictive!

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Magnetic Sports Soccer

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 10 - 2010

„Hello“  for the first time at all readers of, because now I take a part at this page to give you some fresh tests and reviews of new Games on Android OS.

I don’t need to think for a long time about the first game to test, because for the last few days I loved one game especially because it reminds me on the time when I was a child.
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Postal Babes

Posted by Dan Mousavi On May - 3 - 2010

Postal Babes promises a edgy game right in the title, but instead of a great and silly romp through a university full of lunatics, you get a game that is unbeatable because of bad controls.
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