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New Games roundup KW11 2012

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 18 - 2012

This week a few interesting games arrived on Android. If you are looking for new games, check out these releases:

Another World
One of my favorite games from the early 90’s and the best commercial game ever produced by a single person. Another world was one of the first action adventures and instantly made it’s Designer Eric Chahi an industry legend. It was also one of the first polygon based games, which gave it unprecended quality in animations and made it one of the first games with full motion videos. The technique he invented to display polygons in 2D is used to this day by programs like Flash. Even 20 years after the original release, this title is still wonderful to play.

Cut the Rope Experiments
Om Nom is back with new levels, gadgets and a mad german scientist. This second part initially has 5 level packs with 125 levels in total

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10 Top Paid Games from February, that not enough people played

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 15 - 2012

Welcome to another Toplist. This month I’m focussing on games, that I thought didn’t get enough attention from the android gaming crowd.
I hate it when I see stats like the newest one from Androlib, the android market completely shifted to free or freemium games, because Google still hasn’t introduced a viable payment option for Android devices. Based on the Androlib stats there are roughly 2000 apps (not even games) that sold more than 5000 copies and only 40 sold more than 250k. That is a very bad joke if you compare it to the available devices, no other plattform ever had so much quality and so little revenue to show for it. So please check out these quality games and start to buy some stuff if you can, it is a shame that none of these games have sold more than 5k copies and I’m sick and tired of ad-supported games or freemium schemes, because the quality suffers from it.

A puzzle game with a lot of variation

Cardboard castle
A very good adventure puzzle that will challenge your brain

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Humble Bundle for Android (EDGE, Anomaly, Osmos and World of Goo)

Posted by Dan Mousavi On February - 1 - 2012

The Humble Bundle is a famous indie game package, where you can decide how much you want to pay for it and who should get your money.
It is one of the fairest deals for gamers and the games are always high quality indie games, they have a knack for choosing the best of the best that the scene has to offer and making an irresistible bundle out of it. I own all the previous humble bundles and was very happy to see that their newest bundle is for Android!
If you buy the Humble Android bundle, you get all the games for multiple plattforms. You get the Android version and the PC, Mac and Linux version of the game and you can always download them from the website and if you pay more than a dollar, you even get a steam key to unlock them on your Steam account.
Also there are multiple ways to pay, it supports Google Checkout (you’ll have to pay a minimum of 30 cents, becuase using Checkout costs them money) and you can pay with PayPal. You can even pay through Amazon payments, so there is no excuse that you are unable to pay for these games.

So now that we have established that you are a bad gamer if you don’t buy this bundle, let me tell you what is inside.
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Sonic CD

Posted by Dan Mousavi On January - 5 - 2012

In 1993 Sega released the Mega CD addon in europe and in the same year they released this gem of a jump and run for it. I remember how I visited a classmate and how absolutely blown away I was from the graphics in “Road Avenger” and the gameplay of the exclusice Sonic CD game. 18 Years later I finally have my own copy and can play this classic title anywhere I want on my Android device and I must say, it aged well.

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Qualcomm MDP MSM8660 Review

Posted by Jakob Ginzburg On December - 30 - 2011

Qualcomm Developer Programm

Due to Apple’s “one device for all target groups” policy, the perception has changed dramatically in terms of device diversity in recent years. “Diversity” changed to “fragmentation”. Forgotten are all the years, where developers had to adapt their software several times for different Symbian OS phones. Often people overlook the fact that many devices also bring many target groups, which bring many new ideas to the table, which can then be monetized.

After the newest boom of mobile apps, which are existing for over ten years now, a lot of small and big developers could reach new markets. Through the huge device diversity it became easier to find a customer base.

If you want to start to develop mobile apps you will have to ask yourself a few questions. For example which system and which plattform should I choose? At first the OS doesn’t matter, the processor architecture is more interesting. The biggest market share in that regard has Qualcomm, which supports developers, who can and want to invest a sum in the „Snapdragon Mobile Development Plattform“.

The MDP MSM8660 (that’s the name of the current version) consist of a high class developer smartphone and professional tools, bundled with a lot of documentations.
These give young developers with a easy way in. Senior developers will find useful information on how to further optimize your games and apps for the Snapdragon-CPU.

But what exactly is Snapdragon and why should developers invest time into this plattform?
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