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The 25 Best Paid Games for July 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 12 - 2011

Hi everyone,
here are the best 25 paid games from the last month. I’m sorry that this list is a little late, I’m just too addicted to Google+ at the moment, but I promise that I’ll soon start translating some of the reviews that are in the pipeline. There were somehow fewer quality games this month then in the last, I think this is also the first time since it’s release, that I didn’t have a Unity game to recommend in the paid list. I guess it’s the summer phase, we’ll probably get drowned in quality games this autumn. As always, if we missed any good games, let me know in the comments or on Google+.

A incredible machine like game

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The 25 Best Free Games for July 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 4 - 2011

Here we are again with our new free game toplist for July. As with every month in the last year, Android gaming just got a little better with major releases for the casual and the hardcore gamer alike. Besides the listed games here, there are two more titles I want to recommend you. For the hardcore gamer: Galaxy on Fire 2, while the game isn’t free ( and will of course be in the paid games list) the game let’s you play through the entire first galaxy for free, which will give you at least an hour of gameplay, a lot more if you do sidequests. The graphics alone make this a must have title for many, but the game itself is really good, one of the best spaceflight games in recent years on all plattforms and the Android THD Version is the most advanced rendition of the title with 4 times more details on the ships and more effects in general compared to the iPhone version. The other title is Cut the Rope (beware, this is the Nexus One version, select your device before you download), which is only available for free on GetJar. There is a reason that it is the most popular iPhone game besides Angry Birds, this little time waster has excellent gameplay and a great level layout and was one of my most wanted titles, so I’m very happy that we are finally able to feed Omnom. We usually only focus on the Android market, but I’m not sure if the free version will be launched there at all and since it won’t cost you anything, not even a registration to get it from GetJar, it is just too good to not recommend it to you now. The ad integration is also very non obtrusive, this is a good example on how you port an iPhone game over and make it free. As always, if we missed any good game that was released in the last month, please let us know about them in the comments section.

3D Bowling
A new free bowling game with different lane layouts

A Monster ate my Homework
Throw a ball and topple the monster blocks from the table

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30 minutes of Galaxy on Fire 2 THD running on a Nexus One

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 16 - 2011

When I did a review on Burning Tires a while ago I already mentioned that I was really looking forward to Galaxy on Fire 2 on Android. I was a little disappointed, when they told me at MWC that the standard version is Xperia Play exclusive and that the advanced Tegra Version is of course only available for Tegra devices, so I planned to postpone to play it until I upgrade my handset (which will be when Google releases a worthwile successor to the Nexus One).
Then Chainfire3D was released and while some games worked with it on the Nexus One, I doubted that Galaxy on Fire 2 would run.
But with the newest version of Chainfire3D Pro and reduced texture quality, the game runs nearly flawless!
Of course the game looks even better on Tegra devices, but to play this advanced version on a N1 is something you should have seen.
So here are the first 30 minutes + the Chainfire 3D settings in a video demonstration, all of this still takes place in the free part of the game, so everyone who has a Android device that works with Chainfire3D can check out how it runs on their device for free themselves.

Shaky Tower released & Promo Code Giveaway

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 16 - 2011

Hyperbees just published a new physics game called Shaky Tower, it is a physics puzzler with a lot of different gameplay mechanics from a new developer called Mobilness.
You stack towers, roll around per accelerometer or do both at once. The game has a lot of content (6 Worlds, 2 game modes and over 100 Level, a level editor and more levels are coming soon) and it is available for free on the Android market.
However, it has in app purchases to get rid of the ads and you can buy more currency to unlock other features like a level skip, new levelpacks etc.

They were so kind to provide us with 20 promo codes, that will get rid of the ads for you and they will credit you some extra virtual currency.

To get one of the codes, send me a mail with the subject line Giveaway to … and I will reply with the code.

All of the codes are gone now.

How to use them:
In the game go to the shop, tap “Get *”, then tap Enter promo code.
Key in promo code, tap “OK”. You will get 25 Stars. Please note this
works for Android 2.0+ only. Each code can be used only once by one
person. The code is associated with player’s Google account.

Market Link

30 Best Paid Games for June 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 13 - 2011

Another 30 days, another 30 games for you to play. These are the best paid games we could find, that were released in May 2011. Since a lot of the paid games started to be available for free as a demo and have additional in app purchases to unlock the real full game, creating this list became much harder, so please let us know in the comments if we missed any recommendable titles.

Asphalt 6
Gameloft is back on the market with this fine racing game

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