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40 Top Free Android Games for June 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 6 - 2011

In the last month Google launched the new Android market website at Google I/O, which makes our job to bring you a list of the best games of the last month a little easier.
Most of these games are in the Top new games list that is posted there, but not all, since a game needs a lot of downloads first before it is listed there. If a good game never gets found in the first place, it won’t be in the list because it is limited to 20 sites and the last 30 days. That is why we will continue to bring you these lists, because they still provide the best overview on what noteworthy games where released in the last month.
Since not many people voted for the best games of the month, we won’t post a poll in the future, but you can still recommend your favorites in the comments.

101 Games in 1
A lot of similar minigames wrapped into one game

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30 Top Free games for April & May

Posted by Dan Mousavi On May - 9 - 2011

Google started with in app purchases this month and because of that it gets really hard to decide, if a title that claims to be free is really a free game or if it has in app purchases, that make it unplayable without paying something.
We played most of the listed games long enough to ensure, that you get a good portion of the game for free, but we cannot guarantee anymore, that a game that seems to be free won’t cost money down the line through in app purchases. Another problem we have is with wrongly labeled games like the unlisted Lord of Magic, the game is essentially a demo version with only three levels, but since the game is good and should have been on the paid games list, I kept it at the bottom.
If any of the listed free games is nothing more then a glorified demo version down the line, please let us know in the comments and in the market comments, it is now impossible for us alone to guarantee that a game that looks like a free game is not a cuckoo egg, so we need your help in exposing them.

a match 3 puzzle game, where you can disable the ads if you play long enough

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30 Top Paid Games for April & May

Posted by Dan Mousavi On May - 2 - 2011

Here we are again with another toplist, since we skipped one last month, we have enough quality games this time to recommend you 30 paid and 30 free games. The Android market gets split up more and more with new games that only work on specific hardware, which is why we marked the games that are only available on Tegra 2 or Xperia Play, but some of these games will be available for other devices in the future, so please check the market description, if you read this list a few months after it was posted.
Here are the 30 best paid games that were released in march and april, the 30 best free games will follow this week, if we missed a great game that was released in the last 2 months, please let us know about it in the comments:

Age of Zombies
Halfbrick finally released the first Barry Steakfries game on Android, fight against the zombie hordes
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20 Top paid games for March 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 14 - 2011

This month we have some very special treats in our games list, but they come with a price, you need a Tegra 2 device to play them. The first games for these devices are released into the android market and easily take the crown for the best looking games on Android yet. Since we don’t have a Tegra 2 device available yet in europe, we have to base our gameplay experience on the short playtime we had with these games at MWC. But there were also lots of other great releases with a overwhelming amount of new puzzle games and concepts, that are worth checking out. By the way, with this list we recommended you exactly 200 games since we started with these monthly roundups in August, if you missed some, they are all linked at the bottom of this article.

The first part of this shoot ‘em up was free, now the second part of Air Attack is available. Beware, there are two paid versions, one for 1,19 UK£ that has 5 additional levels (Part 2) for Samsung devices and other devices that can’t handle more than 30 MB, the other one for 1,79 UK£ has both parts combined, which makes things easier, since you keep your upgrades to your ship.

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20 Top free games for March 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 8 - 2011

February was a short but sweet month for Android gamers, a lot of new hardware was introduced and the first Tegra devices hit the market.
We got a glimpse at the future of android gaming at the mobile world congress and can’t wait for the huge increase in quality that will come with the new handsets and tablets this year.
The free games section saw some great releases in the past month and a lot of them still have low download numbers and need a little word of mouth promotion, so without further ado, here are the best free games that we spotted this month, the list with the best paid games will follow soon.
A cute puzzle game with 4 apocalyptic pigs in a nice comic look

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