Games we’d love to see ported: ESPGALUDA II

Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 5 - 2010

On 10. of April Iphone users will get a special treat with the first real bullet hell on a mobile. Espgaluda II is Cave’s entry on the Iphone market and today they released a video of the complete first Level on normal difficulty and announced the release date. The only thing that looks different is the new scoring mode named awakening pulse, where you touch bullets to convert them into crystals.

The game was just released for Xbox 360 last month, the standard version of the game is one of the few region free japanese games that’ll work on european Xbox 360’s. Even if you consider that it is just an arcade remake from 2005/6, it still marks the first time that mobile gamers have such a close gaming experience to current gen consoles.

We think that the android market needs games like this, that just scream after Trackball controls. Since Cave is just starting on the Iphone, our hopes are high that they will port it over to Android. This game with the redrawn graphics of the 360 mode for our 480800 resolution would be the sweetest mobile shooter ever and we’d still have enough screen estate for touch controls if the game would run in it’s full resolution.

If you have never heard of Cave, here’s a quick rundown:
Cave is the undefeated number 1 shoot ‘em up developer in the arcade market. Genrefans spend huge sums for the newest PCB’s for their dedicated shooter Arcades with 3:4 Displays (90 degrees tilted for vertical gameplay) and nearly every port of their games became a collector’s item shortly after release. Their last DS Port Ketsui sold shortly after release for triple the amount then it’s retail price and still costs twice as much as any other DS title.

Here is the original Trailer of the Iphone Version: