South-Korea bans all games from Android Market

Posted by Arbi Nazarian On April - 7 - 2010

Yes, you heard right, the South Koreans try to catch up to Australia and Germany in the top of the worlds ‘top game banning countries’. Despite the fact they have the highest IQ ratings and are the leading thinkers in problem solving and have the most sophisticated network in the world plus the fastest broad-band, *puh*, they still won’t manage to rate ALL games destined for the South Korean mobile phone market!
A Ludicrous idea you would say?! We couldn’t agree more, but since the governments regulatory systems vigorous efforts to rate all games before they were made available for download failed, a complete ban of the whole android game section in the market is eminent.

For all korean android gamers there is still some light at the end of the tunnel, as activating android support for third party apps will still allow them to get their games elsewhere.

Source: telecomskorea

  • nexus-lars

    Sorry, but i dont get the comparison with the german gaming-market… in germany, they just rate the whole “download”-market (for Example: Android-Market or Playstation-Store) as “adult” and dont ban the market. thats a big difference.

  • Dan_Mousavi

    This wasn't meant as a comparison, he meant that Korea is catching up in form of game censorship:

    At the moment, Korea is ranked 17, Australia is No.1 and Germany dropped to 6th, after leading the List for years. I'm not even sure that this is a real ranking, because Germany still is the only country, where a rating can be refused.